Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a Sub Par Wife

Ryan found this Marital Chart online the other day from 1939. Yeahhhhh, my rating is -4. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Dr. George W. Crane. What is your rating???

I'm apparently a sub-par mother as well. Yesterday, was a fiasco. Both girls decided to be huge pains in my ass. Q woke up sobbing Sunday night. In the morning, she was a crab-ass and whiny and teary and wanted to wear "soft pants" (vs. jeans) and wanted her paci (which she only gets at night) and didn't want to go to daycare and sobbed hysterically when I dropped her off. It's only the third time ever since she was 3 months old that she cried when I dropped her off. How do you stay-at-home moms with multiple kids do it? I suck.

As for V, she would NOT go back to sleep after her middle-of-the night feedings. I got 3 hours of sleep, and the whole "sleep while she sleeps" thing during the day? Yeah, she wouldn't let me put her down all day long. I called Ryan at work crying from exhaustion and frustration. I think she was trying to release her fudgy hostages, so we gave her some Mylicon last night, and she slept like a champ. Today was much better! So after dropping Q off, I got some coffee and did some errands. V slept the whole time. Whoo hoo!

Got some craftin' in today. Finished up this photo album for my mom to put Vivian pics in. May make some more for the shop from the leftover fabric. Or maybe some hair clippettes. We'll see. That may be too ambitious.

Hope your week is going well! xo

Monday, May 12, 2008

Get Yer Tablecloth On

Sarah is having a vintage tablecloth giveaway in honor of her upcoming birthday! She has such beautiful things in her home and often posts the lovely pics of linens that she has painstakingly and lovingly cleaned up. I covet them always! You can enter her contest by simply leaving a comment.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mudder's Day

(108) minutes of extra sleep this morning

+ (2) sisters cuddling

+ (.5) hour of Quinn playing quietly in her room while I watch Pop Up Video (80s 1-Hit Wonders)

+ (1) new issue of Martha Stewart Living

+(8) beautiful fabrics comprising Vivian's new baby quilt (courtesy of the wonderful Aunt Judy!)

+(3) scoops of ice cream atop my mid-afternoon brownie sundae

+(30) minutes of uninterupted telephone talk time with my own mom on Mom's Day

= the perfect Mother's Day

Hope yours is/was lovely!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Practice Trumpet Every Day (Repeat)

Q had a busy day yesterday! Ryan took her downtown Detroit to his work so he could meet some of his co-workers. Then they went to Belle Isle and had some fun.

In the afternoon she had a haircut (just a trim) and had her first public meltdown in Trade Secret at the mall. Hurrah! I knew it was coming, but I was in denial. I wanted to just get the h outta there, but I had a whole buttload of stuff on the counter ready to be cashed out. Sigh. I'm sure this is just a taste of what's to come. But overall, she's still a pretty good kid.

Have you seen these They Might Be Giants DVDs? We received the ABC one when Q was really young. That one is super catchy and very quirky. And not the least bit annoying which is a challenge when it comes to children's entertainment. We just bought the 123's one, and it's even MORE catchy than the first! Seriously, I cannot get this one song out of my head. I was even dreaming about it last night. Even if you don't have kids, it's way amusing. I'd say even more for adults, really!

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekends. xo

Thursday, May 8, 2008

As If...

...banana bread weren't fattening enough already, I found this recipe for Fluffernutter Banana Bread from ljc! Ryan was completely disgusted as he doesn't care for marshmallows (what a freak), the only kind of peanut butter he likes is in the form of actual peanut butter OR inside Reese's cups. Yes, folks, he is that specific. About all of his food.

It's yummy, but truthfully, the idea of it was much better. The marshmallows pretty much disappeared (don't know what I expected them to do, duh), but the actual BREAD part is super delish. Pefectly moist and perfectly banana-y. Next time I'll prob just omit the fluffer and the nutter and make this my standard bb recipe. Anywho, Danielle, get ready to get your fluffernutter bread on because you're taking some home tonight!!! :)

So get this-- Baby V only woke up ONCE last night! Yippee. I'm acutely aware of the fact that I have now jinxed myself. And actually, it wasn't *perfect* anyway last night because while she only woke up once, she was up for 1.5 hrs.

On the crafty front, I'm easing my way back in slowly. If you're my mom, stop reading now (SPOILER ALERT). She and my dad are getting concert tickets for Mother's and Father's Day respectively, but I wanted to get her something else little to open. She wants a small photo album for Vivian pics, so I thought I'd make her one-- or rather cover one for her. So I'm using this fabric:

And this ribbon:

And the chipboard mushrooms in the background (from the dollar store!) are for a scrapbook for my MIL. She wanted a scrapbook of all Q pics, so that is what she shall get! It's not too inventive, but it's turning out to be pretty cute. Speaking of my MIL, she sent me MY Mother's Day gift. Um, have you read this????? I frigging started BAWLING on the first page!

EEK, I just remembered my cousin who is due in Oct is finding out girl or boy this afternoon!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Newly Hatched

A robin has returned to build its nest on top of our front porch light.

And look who else has made her way into the world!

Miss Vivian Jane was born last Thursday, 8 lbs 15 oz. of chunky baby goodness! Thanks to everyone for their emails and comments. So nice to have such caring people out here in the blogosphere. We are both doing great! I was able to receive the spinal this time (after many PAINFUL attempts) for my c-section, so recovery was much easier. I was out of there in 2 days.

Leslie finished up my birth announcement for me. This woman was so great to work with. I thought she did such a great job capturing Quinn. Look at this graphic! The theme is "My baby sister's here" type of thing.

Q is doing a great job at being a big sister. Not too obnoxiously in V's face...yet. But she is always concerned with where her little sis is, why she's crying, and she always has to "pet her" fuzzy head and hug and kiss her. Which she does quite gently actually.

Now I need to get back in my craft groove. I'm thinking about stealing this idea for a new tee for Vivi. How cute!