Friday, February 4, 2011


Maisey's Daisey's was sweet enough to feature Girl Land's Buttercream Love earrings in her cake treasury (I want some right now) and even sweeter let me know about it! This plus a very sweet email from a satisfied customer made my day a bit brighter. Especially after having a sick kid (at least we just found out she doesn't have mono...phew) and having my car break down and get towed today. This weekend can only get better, right?????!!!!

P.S. I want that Let Them Eat Cake necklace like stat...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxatawney Phil

V has strep throat and Q was home due to schools being closed, so we made a little craft from All Kids Network via Crafty Crow:

We used leftover light blue party cups for the sky, decorative green packing tape for the grass ($1.00 section from Michaels), and birds/bugs/flowers stickers from the dollar store. We didn't have popsicle sticks so used drinking straws instead. We were so glad he didn't see his shadow!

Got my craft room cleaned up a bit last week, and I took some photos. Hasn't been this clean since I first decorated!!! As you can see, my wall of creepy cute (or as my husband calls it, the "wtf wall") is coming along swimmingly. This may or may not be a raccoon carrying a kitten:

I will miss this space in the new house. I will have a craft room, but not immediately. Such is life.

Hope you all survived Snowmageddon 2011!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ready for Snowmageddon?

V has strep. I'm still in my PJs. Getting ready to be snowbound here in MI tomorrow. I have no energy. What the heck is wrong with me? Just realized I never posted a winner from the last contest. EMILY ANNE, since you were the only person in the U.S. to enter, YOU WIN! :) I don't have your email though and I can't get on your Blogger profile, so get me your mailing addy!

I have done a few tiny crafty things in the last few days. I've had these God awful looking ice cream parlor chairs for like 10 years. I covered them in this God awful looking sage toile circa 2001, and they are all dirty and faded, so I decided to recover them since I've been HGTV-obsessed lately what with getting our house ready to be put on the market and all.

Took me the longest to pry out the industrial staples I used when I recovered before. Bought some upholstery-weight crisp-looking gray and lemon modish dot at Joann's for cheap. I think I bought 2.5 yards, but I could have gotten away with 1.75 easily.

So here's what it looked like after I pulled the fabric off-- basically plywood with a foam cushion:

I placed the whole thing on the fabric and freehand cut a circle about 2" larger than the base:

Stretched and stapled as I went:

And voila! New chairs!

Probably could have used a new coat of spraypaint, but I like the distressed cream, and I don't do spraypaint in the winter.

Here's what we're doing for Valentines this year. For V who is pretty much the only girl in her daycare classroom, we're using this idea from Design Mom:

The jungle animals came from Michaels and were under $4 after my 40% off coupon (for 12). I had the cello bags, and I printed Design Mom's .pdf at 130% to have it fit the cello bags. My mother and I went back and forth with some good ones for the crocodile and camel (think 'You're a crock of sh&t Valentine!" and something about humping for the camel). Niiiiiice, right?

Here's Q's which came from Alissa of 24*7*365:

Cute, right? Beats the cruddy selection of boxed valentines anyway.

Hope you all get snowed in somewhere good as opposed to bad! xo