Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxatawney Phil

V has strep throat and Q was home due to schools being closed, so we made a little craft from All Kids Network via Crafty Crow:

We used leftover light blue party cups for the sky, decorative green packing tape for the grass ($1.00 section from Michaels), and birds/bugs/flowers stickers from the dollar store. We didn't have popsicle sticks so used drinking straws instead. We were so glad he didn't see his shadow!

Got my craft room cleaned up a bit last week, and I took some photos. Hasn't been this clean since I first decorated!!! As you can see, my wall of creepy cute (or as my husband calls it, the "wtf wall") is coming along swimmingly. This may or may not be a raccoon carrying a kitten:

I will miss this space in the new house. I will have a craft room, but not immediately. Such is life.

Hope you all survived Snowmageddon 2011!


Cheshire Kat said...

LOVE the raccoon pic! Our studios are quite similar. We have talked before about that fabulous Ikea table, but I also just realized I have the same rolling flat file, and I just got a desk chair like that! Mine does not have arms, and it is cream colored, but I got it for $20 @ the thrift store. :) Did you make that cushion yourself?

urban craft said...

Groudhog day came and went without a craft in sight. Not next year, I love this idea.