Saturday, July 25, 2009

Etsy Yummies

Been receiving some nice little packages via some beautiful Etsy sellers lately:

This super cute fabric from The Fabric Bar from which I shall make some appliques:

I had a BAD experience with an Etsy seller, however, too (who shall remain nameless, but it was a fabric store). Has anyone else noticed you now have to hit the "Pay Now" button twice via Paypal all of a sudden? What the heck is up with that???? I only hit "Pay Now" once while trying to buy a yard of fabric, Etsy showed the transaction as being paid, and I never noticed I didn't get a Paypal receipt. So apparently, it didn't go through and the seller just decided to cancel the sale altogether! The only way I ever found out was because I searched for the transaction on Etsy and never found it, but I had kept the original email notification of the sale. I convo'ed the seller and told her it was a pretty crappy way of doing business, and she basically admitted she just cancelled the sale due to non-payment-- no convo, no email, no NOTHING. Mind you, I have 100% positive feedback. I read her the riot act a bit more, and of course, no response. Grrrrrr.......

On to my delicate little Snow Melon necklace from Edor:

Alllllll these cutie tooties from Delish Beads:

These dollops of buttercream frosting will make some tasty earrings!

And I haven't received this yet, but I bought this as a cover-up over Q's black leotard for ballet class which she will be starting in the Fall. Can't wait to see Bam Design's handiwork in person. Isn't it soooo cute!?

I just realized that this week marks Q's 1 year anniversary of being potty trained!!! Yayyyyyyy! One pee-tail down, one to go!!! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

What's New & Sneaky Peek

I must apologize for my unintended blogging hiatus! Viv is on the road to permanent recovery methinks. She had tubes put into her ears yesterday morning, so I'm thinking we may be home free!

Not a whole lot of new stuff going on around these parts-- my MIL has been staying with us all week because the girl's daycare is closed. I have been Jazzercising my hiney off to try to meet a challenge-- if I get 30 classes in (between June and July), I'm entered into a contest for a chance to win a bunch of prizes. Only 4 more classes to go!!! I can do it!!! You may have noted Skinny Girl Land has not been updated-- uhhhh, yeah. My eating has left something to be desired. I'm afraid to weigh myself, but maybe it's not as bad as I imagine. We'll see. I skipped weigh-in today because I drank my weight in mojitos last night. Not gooood!

Today I purchased presale tickets for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what kind of tix I got?? FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snap. I'm sooooo excited to see Jason, Janette, and Ade (my faves) in the flesh. The former two were robbed, BTW, this past week. Booooooo.

One more little thing-- still putting the finishing touches on my Twilight swap package to send out by Monday. Had a small glitch-- the Etsy seller for one of my items forgot (?) to make it, and it's definitely not getting here in time, so I placed an emergency call to my friend, Karen, and she's going to make me the item I'm not getting in time. She's so awesome. Here's a little preview for you though-- been working with Shrinky Dinks and Photoshop, but received a special little package today from a certain 98331 zip code. Squeeeeeeeee!!!

Happy weekending, lovelies! xo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July So Far...

I can't believe it's already July 11. It's been a tad rough around here. V has had bouts of ear infections on and off since December. She had a doc appt yesterday, and spiked a fever of 101. She's on a 3rd (and final-- there are no other) type of antibiotic, and we have an appt with the ENT specialist on Monday. Poor baby-- she seems like she feels ok, but she's been SUUUUUPER clingy. And she's always been a great sleeper, but she woke up at 4am this morning and cried on and off until we got her up at 6:15. Suuuuuuuucks.

I am making an escape tonight to an all-girl's party, however. Eat my dust, Ryan. My friend, Jen, is having a New England clambake tonight. I made some wine glass "charms" with a nautical theme and inspired by Twig & Thistle's downloadable 4th tags.

We've also been eating our weight in...

Oh, something fun though...I got in under the wire as part of Denise's Twilight swap. Fun stuff! I'm kinda freaking though because we have to have our packages out by July 24, and I was thinking I'd have more time. Oh well. Will work out. I have a bid in on something from eBay, and if I get it, I'll be excited.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend! It's mugglicious here in MI. Yikes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zombie Heaven

Isn’t this kind of an oxymoron? Like since they are undead, aren’t they pretty much in purgatory? But maybe they would go to heaven if they incurred a blow to the head and officially died without the taste of human brains or flesh passing their lips. I think I just blew my own mind.

So even more than VAMPIRES, I know I have declared my love of zombies. Ryan bought me House of the Dead for Wii for my birthday (what a romantic). Not sure it can measure up to Dead Rising which I finished about 2 months ago and LOVED. Cuz there’s just nothing that can measure up to being able to impale a zombie on a spinning excavator while killing other zombies with his spinning body. I just added my profile to Filming in Detroit as a potential (unpaid of course) extra and was sure to note that any work as a zombie would be preferential. Ha!

More zombie goodness:

+Zombieland opens October 9! I think it looks hilarious—especially the part where the zombie bride tackles the groom. That Emma Stone is such a cutie too.

+World War Z opens sometime next year and will be directed by Marc Forster who also directed Stranger Than Fiction, one of my all-time faves! My bro and SIL gave me the World War Z book + the companion Zombie Survival Guide (which is great!) for my b-day LAST year. I need to get crackin’ on it!

+This may be more vampirey, but I still find this shirt very hilarious. I added it to my birthday wishlist, but my mom told me it was gross and too weird to wear to Jazzercise, and she wasn’t buying it. Am I freaking you out yet?

+I am a regular shopper at Tinaseamonster's Etsy shop. There are no words to describe Tina's genius. Two of my favorite things colliding-- just like peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese's cup:

+Last, but certainly not least, is Len’s Zombie Alphabet that I found via Junior Society. Sweeeeeeet!

Zombie Letters from

Hope you are having a marvelously zombie-riffic week!! Give me a shout out if you also love the zombies!!!! xo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Edition of Me Likey/Me No Likey

♥I am IN LOVE with the Black Apple’s pinback display and her new original. The latter needs to be placed in Vivian’s nursery tout de suite. Delia reminds me of V a bit. I'm goin' for it at her next shop update for reals. I'm not optimistic, but one can hope.-Ugh. They are RE-MAKING Let the Right One In!!! WTF??? I am so upset. I received the book and DVD from my bro and SIL for my b-day, and I made my parents watch it. They really liked it too! We agreed that the setting being in Sweden makes the film.

♥Speaking of Sweden—I wanna go to there. Like now. Denmark and Norway too. Like a Scandinavian travel bonanza. Think anyone would miss me if I just took off??? I can dream, no? I just want to tuck my sweater into my pants without persecution. Is that too much to ask?

-UGH. I hate politics. And politicians suck. I want Sarah frigging Palin to GOOOOO AWAYYYYYYYYY. Anonymous comments supporting her will promptly be deleted. If you are going to stick up for her, you must face the embarrassment of everyone knowing exactly who you are. And speaking of crappy politicians, something happened in the way of a corrupt government official in the municipality for which I work. This totally SU-HUCKS because this guy has ALWAYS been shady, and it reflects poorly on our city, which, in my opinion, is a GREAT city with some wonderful people in it. Shame what some people will do for the almighty buck.

♥On a whim, Ryan ordered the book "When You Were Small" by Sara O' Leary for Q. I didn't even know, however, I had heard about it. It's lovely. He done good. My favorite page (and Q's for that matter): "When you were small we let you sleep in one of my slippers. The left one. you used a fuzzy wash cloth for a blanket and a tea bag for a pillow."

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Want to Be the Girl with the Most Cake

Inspired by Kat’s tune-titled blog posts, I have made my own. Well, except it’s a lyric, not a song title, per se.

But I digress.

Photo courtesy of Paula Wirth via Flickr

Yesterday was my birthday (yay me), and it was the first year in which I felt pretty blah about my birthday. We did go to my parent’s, got to have a date night (on Friday) filled with mojitos and bad movies (ugh, Year One…), and I did get a lovely cake decorated with yellow buttercream roses. But it just wasn’t the same. I’m thinking that maybe I am enjoying the girl’s birthdays so much that there isn’t enough excitement left for my own. I find this pretty pathetic. Here’s to making my special day more of a conscious celebration next year. It will be a Monday, so I WILL be taking the day off.

As for my blog post title, I think I won hands down after this weekend. Blurgh. I am down, ladies and gentlemen, but I am not out! Onward to Jazzercise!!!

And speaking of yellow buttercream roses, I love this ♥ And no fat or calories! Yummy!

Photo courtesy of pbrigitte zombuki via Flickr

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!!

Hope you have a day filled with carousels, sparklers, red, white & blue desserts, fireworks, and FUN! :) xo