Monday, January 17, 2011

Jean Louise Finch & CONTEST

I have three favorite movies, two of which go together-- one of which does not: 28 Days Later (zombies), To Kill a Mockingbird & Patch of Blue. My favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird, Geek Love (circus freaks) and The Help. I see a pattern here.

Mary Badham, who played Scout in the 1962 film, appeared last weekend at an old theater in Detroit-- the Redford Theatre. I was SO EXCITED to be able to meet her and get my book signed! Then Ryan and I watched the movie on the big screen which was incredible.

I tried to not get too emotional. I admit I had to choke back some tears when I talked to her. The book has been a favorite of mine, my mother's and my grandmother's for as long as I can remember. I remember watching the movie with my mom as a kid. I received my book copy when I was 15 years old. I cannot watch the movie without crying-- no matter how many times I see it. Needless to say, it will be an experience I will always remember.

A nice lead-in to MLK Day, I must say. I had to laugh when Q brought this home last week.

Isn't it awesome? And who thinks up this stuff? "Let's do a connect the dot that creates Martin Luther King's head!" She did a great job though. Although she said someone had the red crayon, so she had to color his lips purple.

Last but not least, I am cleaning, decluttering, and trashing a TON of stuff in my house getting ready for it to go on the market February 1. Did any of you put a comment in to win Grosgrain's Little Red Riding Hood jacket back in '08? Well, it's up for grabs again! Q wore it once or twice, I think. I think it's about a 3T-4T. I don't know if V will ever wear it, so I will choose a number at random on Friday night.

{photo courtesy of Grosgrain}

So cute, right?? Here's how to win (each method gives you one chance):
  • Leave a comment here saying who will wear the jacket.
  • Blog about it and leave another comment with a link to the post
  • Tweet a link to this post; comment here and give me a link to your Twitter
  • Become a public follower; comment here and tell me you did
Please only comment if you are within the Continental U.S. Be sure that you either leave an email or that any profile I can link on has your email in it so I can contact you if you win. Happy commenting! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Woodland Animals + Target Dollar Spot = LOVE

Ok, I may or may not have...(snack cups!)

...gone a little nutso (2-pack of melamine plates!)...

...over the new Dollar Spot items (cups)... Target (2-pack of melamine bowls)...

...but what do you think (cafeteria trays!)???!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Last night, I imbibed several "pointsettias" (aka cheap champagne and cranberry juice). We had a wonderful dinner of lobster tail and finger foods-- brie and pear phyllo purses, cheese, salami, bruschetta, crab cakes, potato skins and cocktail weenies. Mmm! We had movie night in (we rented Cyrus and Cache...) and will be living in our PJs for the next 24 to 48 hours. Bring on the laziness!

So I only did something mildly crafty this season. Got my inspiration from the awesome Ez of Creature Comforts and made up a gift wrapping package for my sister in law. I also included a roll of Snow & Graham wrapping paper and a few sheets of individual paper from Shine. Everything (besides the rolls, of course) were packed up in cello or glassine bags with Hobby Lobby scrapbook paper and tags. I thought up the color scheme from cute dollar bin stuff at Michaels-- aqua, yellow, red, black and orange!

Here's what I included:

1. Green mushroom refrigerator notepad (to jot down gift ideas or upcoming birthdays) from Target.
2. Glassine bag filled with round envelope seals. I made these with my Xyron sticker maker, Hobby Lobby scrapbook paper and two different sizes of round craft punches.
3. Paris gift tags I had in my stash. I pulled out the appropriate colors.
4. Some downloadable gift tags from Camilla Engman via Creature Comforts.
5. Post It Notes from Joanns.
6. Bakers twine in mint green/white and brown/white from The Cupcake Social's Etsy shop.
7. Binder clips from Michaels.
8. Decorative tape from Michaels.
9. Gray/yellow handled scissors (not pictured) from Target.
10. Scotch pop up tape dispenser, Target (not pictured).
11. Decorative paperboard suitcase, Land of Nod (and I have two more for myself!).
12. Five rolls of ribbon, Michaels.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Day! Off to gets me some mimosa!