Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And Speaking of Speaking of Ugly Children....

I'm sooooooooo with Cristin on this topic! Aside from politics, there are subjects that are just taboo. More specifically, I believe there are way more ugly babies and children in this world than cute.

As you know, we've been working on potty training Q. She has become obsessed with the book Once Upon a Potty, and I was reading it about 4 times a day at least. I found the DVD at the library yesterday, and guess what we've been watching incessantly?

I wish I hadn't opened Pandora's box because the thing haunts my dreams. After the cartoon, there is a "Potty Song" which features several of THE UGLIEST children I've ever seen in my life. I hope none of those kids are readers of my blog-- they are probably like 20 or so by now, but I'm SORRY, their parents should be ashamed of themselves. It would be ok if they just let them roam the streets like most ugly kids, but the point that they actually put their children in a DVD to share their ugliness with the world is just wrong. It's like someone said, "This tastes bad, taste this."

Without further ado, Ugly kid #1:

What makes it worse is that's a boy, "Nicholas". I'll bet that kid gets his ass whooped on a daily basis if he still looks like that.

I forgot to take a pic of Ugly Kid #2, but he is homely as hell and has bright red hair and, even as an infant, he looks like he smells like B.O. His name is Kevin.

And la piece de resistance, Ugly Kid #3.

That's a GIRL, "Emily". I had a dream last night about those toddler fangs of hers. Yeesh!

Since I am on a meany roll, let me tell you about my quasi-bad experience with Alchemy. Just annoying more than anything I guess. I said I wanted these mushroom bookends made because I can't find them anywhere.

I accepted a bid, was told I'd get design sketches, never received them, then simply received a pic of the finished product after the fact (well, THIS was the finished product; the picture I received was entirely different/weird colors):

Yeah, they're cute, but not at all resembling the pic I had shown. And I was stuck. She wouldn't refund my money, only credit to her store which wasn't really my taste (to put it nicely). Oh well. Win some, lose some. I'll make do with the phallic bookends (poor me, right?).

Lastly, I'm so excited I found some cheap blocks so I can make something that's been floating around my head since I bought this cute LRRH puzzle last summer. Time to brainstorm!!!!

Happy Hump Day, All!!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I used to roll my eyes (on the inside) when women would say they cried when they had to leave their kids to go back to work. Now I only have 5 days left with my girls before my return to the daily grind after a 3 month maternity leave, and I am the sap feeling weepy.

I have been snuggling a little longer at bedtime with Quinn and stealing some kanoodle time during the day with both of them. I've been watching and studying them a little bit longer than usual. I think about how lucky we are, and I think of a quote from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly that REMINDS me how lucky we are...and then I sob like a crazy woman.

[For those of you who haven't seen the movie or read the book, it's a true story of a 42 year old man who has a stroke and is totally paralyzed except for one eyelid which he uses to dictate his memoirs by blinking the alphabet.] He speaks of his situation and of one of his sons:

"I, his father have lost the simple right to ruffle his bristly hair, clasp his downy neck, hug his small, lithe, warm body tight against me"

On a lighter note, another FABU Grosgrain contest. I think Viv needs this for sure. So go enter Kathleen's Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse Giveaway.

I'm going to go watch my kids sleeping and scare the poop out of them now...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick of Pee

Ugh. The smell is permanently in my nose. Between my kid, and my two RETARDED cats, I can't get away from it. I shouldn't say that-- Q is doing great...just a few dribbles here and there. My cats on the other hand. They've decided they like to piss on the part of the plastic cat pan liner that sticks out. So disgusting. This is one of THE ONLY times I wish I were pregnant again. So I don't have to clean the fargin' litter boxes. Bleh!

How was your weekend? Ours flew by, and I was too lazy to take any pics. Saturday was chock full of fun. My loverly friend, Katie, and her 3 super cute kids came all the way from Kalamazoo, and we ordered in pizza and went to the zoo. She's a great mom-- I need lessons from her. And the girl is sickeningly gorgeous. And what makes her more so is that she doesn't know it.

[Hi Kate! I need pics if you have any!] Don't you love it when your real-life friends read your blog??? It cracks me up for some reason (Danielle...and Shelly...and Amy...Ginny...).

Anywho, after the zoo, my couz came over to make Pancake Puffs for Quinn. Have you seen this pan? They were good, but I was challenged in the flipping department.

Then we were off to a swim party hosted by yours truly! I work for a local municipality, and I won a family swim party at the city pool at an employee appreciation lunch last year. The weather and turnout was great (38 people in all!), and my kids were SOOOOOOOO exhausted at day's end. This post is short on pics, so here's a Polaroid emulsion I did from a slide from 1960 that was labeled, "Rosamund". Very pool party-esque.

One more week of freedom before back to work! Where did the summer go???

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reversible Bird Seed Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here's another one! Let me try for the umpteenth time. But how can I not??? Enter the Reversible Bird Seed Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Old School Supplies

Man, I did not like going back to school. However, there was a certain excitement surrounding back to school shopping. My favorite school supplies included:

1. My red Trapper Keeper that I cut open (my bro gave me the idea) and slid a pic of Prince into circa 1984.

2. My Hershey's Chocolate metal pencil case that I inadvertently scratched the paint off of while trying to remove the price tag with scissors. I cried. Where was Goo Gone when you needed it? I did the same thing to a Fred Savage poster. Now why would you put a price tag on paper? Stoopid.

3. Some Trapper folders that had pictures of 80s guy's blue jean-clad butts on them. Loverly. Wish I still had them.

4. My Worlds of Wonder locker answering machine. I never had the cajones to use it because I thought people would think I was dorky. Still think it was ahead of its time.

5. This ditty. Still in mint condition:

Didn't you have a love/hate relationship with school supply shopping? What were some of your favorites???

Quinn and I stocked up on few things while at Target the other day...retro, no? I thought the erasers would be cute to stick in my orders.

In the wrealm of potty training, thanks for all the supportive words. Any and all tips or pointers are welcome! Q's mastered both #1 and #2 as long as she is just hanging around the house. I don't even have to prompt her, she'll go by herself. Though I am not ambitious enough to try undies during sleeping or out of the house yet, so she is in Pull Ups then.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Dance


I had to share the above. Makes ya all warm and fuzzy, eh? I'm doing a happy dance myself (whoop, whoop!) because I believe Q has the hang of this potty training thing. No accidents AT ALL today and #2 on the toilet TWICE. Awwwwwww, snap.

Sorry to the non-watchers who must be bored of my blathering, but did you SEE SYTYCD tonight??? So good, I thought. Loved the Twitch/Katee number to Mercy by Duffy (on Girl Land's 2008 Summer Soundtrack, btw, ha). Both Will and Courtney's dances were great too! Sticking by my prediction that Comfort and Mark will be gone tomorrow which sucks because I like them both.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dinner consisted of bruschetta topped with pecarino romano, hearts of palm salad, and a Traverse City semi dry riesling. My mom and I got kinda loopy. Made me almost forget the turd* on the floor of my craft room this afternoon...almost.

*We're potty training Q

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's Get Rowdy

I just saw this commercial on TV, and I kept rewinding my Tivo. So great!!!!

Oohing and Aahing

What did I do to deserve you all???? Look at what the talented Miss Heather sent Vivi:

She sooooo luvs it already! In fact, I was just thinking she needed some sort of "lovey" to hold because she loves chewing on her burp cloths. She loves how soft the red side is. Mmmm.

And look what else!!!! How sweet. I mentioned this stroller blankie in one of my LRRH posts! I wasn't fishing for you to give it to me, Heather, I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) But I do love it so much. I can't wait to show it off.

Thank you, Heather. You all are tooooo sweet. Hope everyone's weekend was grand!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Train Stop Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Stop by Kathleen's Train Stop Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! Isn't it the cutest thing ever???? Like with saddle shoes, I may just float away.


This is going to be a boring post for you non-watchers out there. For my fellow obsessed watchers, however, I have to get my two cents in. And my prediction for the Top 4 out there.

Yesterday's re-partnering really brought some dancers down and lifted others up. I now think the top 4 will be: Joshua, Katee, Will, and Chelsie. I thought Kherington and Mark were a train wreck this week. Damn that country two step, but that was just downright painful to watch.

Here is the order that I think they SHOULD be eliminated:

1. Comfort and Twitch
2. Kherington and Mark
3. Courtney and Gev

Winner being Joshua

Here's how I'm pretty sure it will go down:

1. Comfort and Mark
2. Courtney and Gev
3. Kherington and Twitch

Winner being Katee. I just hope Will doesn't get it. I think he's cocky and his choice in solo songs are cheese-licious in a horribly bad way (Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross??????). Well, we'll see what happens tonight!!!

*****Edit: Wow!!! Didn't see that coming!!! Wasn't a big Kherington fan, but I thought people lu-huved her. Au revoir, my cutie pie Gev Manoukian!!!! :( I'm so sad. So I now think next week will eliminate Comfort & Mark and the following week Courtney & Twitch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Christmas in July!

Merry Xmas to me! I've been going crazy with internet shopping. Every day is Christmas as I get a package ALMOST every day. The hub has been none too pleased. Unfortunately, our mail comes really late in the day, otherwise, I could get the mail and hide it (just kidding, Ryan....sort of...) :)

I bought some pink pom pom trim from Ebay to make another pom trimmed lampshade for V's Jack & Jill lamp. Don't know why I didn't think to check Joann's since I was just there. Duh. Anywho, I received it and it was like NEON pink, not the nice medium pink as shown in the listing (the seller blamed my monitor). Urgly. So I stuck it in a bowl with some bleach and went to meet my friend, Babs, for lunch. Came back, and it was much better. Was a little on the raspberry pink side (as opposed to peach pink), but still a vast improvement. Here is the before and after.

Also, received all my supplies to make this lovey!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the keyfob instructions here. So easy to make. I didn't stitch them because my ribbon (isn't it so cute!??) was a bit thinner than the instructions showed, but I got the heavy duty Heat N Bond, and it's not going anywhere. Another stocking stuffer idea in case I get into DUCF, but this one's MINE!!!!!

Next up is this mushroom ribbon (which matches V's blankie!!!) on white webbing. I really REALLY love these fobs! I didn't know I needed one till I saw that ribbon.

On the boob tube front, Jessica injured herself on SYTYCD I read, so Comfort's back. Yayyyy...well yay for Comfort back and Jessica gone but not yay that she hurt herself. Haven't watched the show yet tonight because I'm craftin', and I have to have all my attention on it.

I have also decided to boycott Ghost Hunters International. No Jay or Grant, no Steve Gonsalves??? No Tango???? Only that annoying Brian, Andy Andrews who drives me slowly insane, and Robb. Anybody named Rob who spells is name with two B's is by default a d-bag. No joke.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cheesus Crust, I'm Hungry...

...for Dominio's! Anyone? Anyone? Remember that SNL skit of Darrell Hammond doing Donald Trump? I couldn't find it on youtube. I guess you had to be there. **Edit: On 1/15/09 I FINALLY found it!

So the big change in the Girl Land household is my hubby changing jobs. Not too exciting (well, for others anyway). Not craft related, but a BIG change for us. He will be leaving his current position in a large law firm to work in-house for Domino's Pizza. Very exciting-- I'm so proud of him!! Now if we can just get some free pizza...............

On a crafty front, I made a trip to Mega Joann's with Vivi after lunch with a friend today, and I spent wayyyyy too much money. Now I'm obsessed with making little girl's hair ties out of vintage and new fabrics. So fun and easy!

If I get accepted to DUCF, I thought they would be good stocking stuffers. And I have many other ideas crashing around in my head! Now I'm getting excited. Hope I get in *sigh*.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Bastille Day!

Well, it's almost over. But let me share some loverly pics of France as they celebrate the close of the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille!

and I couldn't resist a few Frenchy-themed Etsy picks:

Bon soir, mes amis!!! Sealed with a kiss on both cheeks. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Totally 80s

Like many Etsy sellers, I like to stick a couple little freebies in my Etsy orders. I usually add old school candy, 1 or 2 small vintage playing cards, teeny kawaii stamps, or erasers. I had the *brilliant* idea that I wanted to add scratch n sniff stickers. I remembered this was my fave scent (natch) as a kid so I thought there HAD to be a source:

I about DIED when I found the Trunk of Prettys Etsy Shop. I immediately emailed the link to the shop to my oldest friend. Every single thing in her shop evoked nostalgia for me. Unfortunately, the cake sticker is like $1-2 here and anywhere else you look.

I really loved looking at everything, but really, what would you do with the stuff? I actually found these notecards at that GREAT estate sale a few weeks back, but I ended up selling them. It made me happy because the girl who bought them really loved them.

Anyway, back to ToP's Etsy shop, I had to email my mother a link to the Purple Pieman mint in box. Reason being is that in the height of my Strawberry Shortcake obsession, I asked for a villain, preferably PP. She refused because she thought he was gross and ugly. Uh, isn't that the point?

For some reason, I had 2 Strawberry Shortcakes. Maybe I got a duplicate gift or something. Due to the lack of protagonist, I was forced to make SS #2 into an Evil Twin Strawberry Shortcake!!! It just wasn't the same. I kept confusing her for the good twin, and it all went to pot. I like to remind my mom regularly about how scarred I am that I never had a Purple Pieman...or a Big Wheel...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best in Show, Yo!

So my mom's garden club had a competition yesterday. You had to make an arrangement, but it wasn't that simple. They had a rule book with allllll these rules. What you could use, what you couldn't, height requirements, prop requirements, etc. etc. Basically, what you would see if you entered an actual floral show. Her super hip artsy craftsy friend, Marlene, came up with the idea. I would have loved to have done it too. My grandmother was a florist, so I think we inherited our interest from her.

Anywho, my mom checked out a painting from our local library (isn't that cool?) and used that in her display and as her inspiration. Check it out:

The container was a rusty wastebasket that her friend, who lives on several acres in the country, found on her property. I don't know a lot of the flowers, but I love the Queen Anne's lace and the bit of Spanish moss peeking out from the rusted hole in the bottom. I just think it turned out lovely. Like it was plucked right from the painting!

She got first place and Best in Show!!!!!!!!! Go, Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I Less Than Three...

♥ Midas Muffler at Woodward & 14 Mile Rd. My VW Dealership sucked $700 from me two weeks ago after my car seemed to have a coolant leak. They told me there was something wrong with my exhaust downpipe too to a tune of another $600. I said forget it-- took it to Midas and they fixed the prob for $33. If you live in this area and have a VW, do NOT go to Suburban Volkswagen. This isn't the first time they've screwed me over.

♥My new glue gun! From HOBBY LOBBY! I received a gift cert from my SIL for my bday and got a whole 15 minutes to shop (we thought they closed at 9 but they closed at 8). It's deluxe, baby-- cordless and high heat!

♥This scrapbook paper from HOBBY LOBBY. I used it to line the inside of Q's new record case. Before and after pics!

♥My baby. And this mushroom onesie from Sweet Jessie. She has been sleeping 8 hours straight these days. To quote my grandmother, "God love 'er."

♥The TV Gods. They are bringing back Sara on Prison Break!!!! I stopped watching after her head showed up in a box a la Seven. But now that she's coming back, I had to read the episode recaps online to get caught up. Gotta get ready to get my Wentworth on!

♥Michelle, our cleaning lady. Yes, we have one. It's my one splurge. Otherwise, we'd be living in squalor. She just left, and the place is Pine-Sol-riffic. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

♥My new Bobbi Brown lipstick called Tulle. I love it soooooooo much.

Have a great weekend, all!!! xoxo

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Estate Sale Stuff, More SYTYCD...

Vivi's my good luck charm! Well, it wasn't the score of the century like last time, but still some cute stuff including this:

The other few things are up in my shop. Wow, this little treasure already sold!

Didn't I say that I was supposed to be getting back to making stuff that I used to make? I'm now spending my time thrifting, estate saling, flea marketing, etc. I think it's because I realize I only have 3.5 more weeks left of maternity leave, and I will have no time to do it then. I guess I'm trying to get it out of my system. I have applied to DUCF though, and I'm so glad it's a holiday show this year. If I make it in, it will definitely get me off my arse. I have sooooo many supplies. Now I just have to make the dang stuff!!!!

So down to SYTYCD business. I think my new favorite couple is Courtney and Gev!!! I have a pretty massive crush on Gev all of a sudden. I think it was after his rhumba last week and his great solo last week. Whoooooo! I found this awesome rhumba remix on youtube with a Portishead song. Loves me some Portishead!!!!!!!!!
Am I talking to myself with this stuff? Is there anyone else out there that watches??? I still can't stand Jessica, and I'm still not a big Will fan even after their good Adam and Eve dance. But I'm thinking Comfort will be going home from the girls. And probably Thayne which is unfortunate.

Mia Michaels told Courtney and Gev they weren't the best dancers on the show, which may be true. But isn't the title "America's Favorite Dancer"? Not "America's BEST Dancer"? That's why Travis didn't win in Season 2. His personality was bleh. Anywho, I still love Joshua, but Gevney is a close second. :)

More boob tube talk-- I actually have to Tivo SYTYCD because Ryan makes me watch Ghost Hunters which conflicts. We are obsessed. It's like comforting or something-- our little routine. I love Jay, Grant, Steve, and DAVE TANGO! Especially when he did magic to make the ghosts come out. Classic. Apparently, he used to peform magic. How can you not like someone who performs magic???

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

She's done it again. Head on over to Kathleen's Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! And the firefly pics of her daughter, Lily? So lovely.

Scenes from Mom's Sewing Room

Can you tell where my love of strawberries comes from???

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Black and White Lovelies

Among other things, my brother, SIL, and niece bought me this for my birthday! There are three other prints hidden underneath. I need to figure out where to put them! This is how the gifts were wrapped.

Also, my mom found these feedsack aprons that my great grandmother made and gave them to me. The polka dot one had some stains on it, but I got them out. Aren't they the greatest? I love the pocket shape and the heart print.

Super cute bookplates from Taylored Arts. In fact, I love all of her bookplates and pendants!:

and last but not least, a pic that made me chuckle from [damone]:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday Loot!

I received some lovely things! And it took me all of an HOUR to spend the $50 (well, actually $47) I got from my parents for my bday. Here we go!

Current notecards:

Darling hankies:

Sweetie pie figurines:

My favorite, the ultimate Girl Land planter (scarrrry cute, no?):

Toy suitcase for Q's record collection:

Of course, a little bit of Red (plays "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"!):

And a beautiful Paint by Numbers:

I'm feeling some buyer's remorse. May have to list a few of the things in the shop!