Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

I am conscious that I gravitate towards things like Japanese fabrics, cutesie or anthropomorphic animals, vintage salt & pepper shakers, mushrooms/squirrels/deer/rabbits (as you all know), but I can now say Little Red Riding Hood is an official obsession as well.

My craft room has a few things:

But look at these lovelies!!!! They are all Etsy sellers and some are the proprietors of some of my fave blogs as well (Heather, Jenn, Susie!). So L-R, top to bottom:

2. Robot Candy's LRRH Coaster

3. Mayberry Sparrow's Li'l Red Hand Carved Rubber Stamp (ack, I just found her shop; love EVERYTHING)

4. Luca Bella Designs' LRRH Pacifier Clip

5. Fern's Closet's LRRH Set for Blythe

6. Zombie Factory's Trapped Little Red Pendant

7. Yummy Pancake's Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Cubicle Critter Plushies

8. Susie Can Stitch's Red Riding Hood Hair Clip and last but certainly not least

9. Heather Hales Designs' LRRH Embroidered Blanket

And I just listed this to get in on the big bad action as well.

Where has this week gone? I must say that being on maternity leave really makes the days all mush together. Tomorrow, weather permitting, the girls and I are going to meet my friend (my babysitter's mom) at the pool. Ugh. Me in a bathing suit? I did take V to Kohl's on Tuesday, and after trying on several skirtinis (yes, that's a real term), I ventured to try this baby on. I must say that the pic does not give it justice. It's pretty darn flattering. Sucks my baby dough right in! xoox all...


Cristin said...

Such cute finds! That switchplate is my fave.

IamSusie said...

Oh look! There's my little hair clip! I love the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I recall having a red cape as a girl and I used to act out the story. Your blog is one of my faves too!

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL I wore my maternity swimming suit until last year!

Heather said...

thanks so much for the linakge! I love vintage storybook characters! Goldilocks has long been on my "to stitch" list.

I hate swimsuit shopping, because the ones that fit and flatter end up costing too much IMO. I mean $120 for 4 triangles over at Jcrew, ugh!

You will be toting an infant, all the other moms at the pool will be so envious that you can even wear a bathing suit!

Alli said...

I love these riding hood goodies! The pictures of your craft room are so pretty and that stamp is just adorable.

I'm in love with one-piece suits this year. Have fun at the pool!

venus said...

holy little red! :) i collect her, too! this is so neat. im loving this page. thank you so much for adding our item here and secondly, keep an eye out for more little red goodies to come to our shop. i am thinking of making a blog as well for our store but have NO clue how to get started. i will definitely be coming back here to keep up with yours! :) thanks again!

Anonymous said...

here is a green lil red riding hood skirt for the collection: :)