Sunday, June 1, 2008

Escape From Crazy Town

So my mom was here for 4 days last week helping out. Vivian is quite a high maintenance babe, it turns out. Doesn't like to be put down. I think I may have to resort to a sling. Don't wanna, but I can't hold her all day long. Anywho, Mom referred to our house as Crazy Town (population 4). Reasons being the crazy crying baby, super whiny toddler suddenly afflicted with separation anxiety (hmmmmmmm), and the fact that I couldn't tell her where a working flashlight, batteries, nail polish remover, etc. were inside our house. We are that disorganized.

Anywho, today I planned my escape for a whole 3 hours. Whoo hoo! Fueled up on Starbucks, I headed to the flea market to "get my junk on" as my friend, Dave, so eloquently puts it. Met him there, and we compared junk. My haul:
Dakin Dream Pets from 1961. I'm keeping the rabbit. The beaver is in my shop!

This AWESOME apron that sold immediately after I listed! Dig the handy dandy built in terry towel:

The standard Meyercord decals and wooden Xmas ornaments (I can't resist):

The item that surely gets the "WTF? Award": cool deer planter with what I was thought were unattached plastic flowers and lightbulb (doesn't work). They are attached! Almost looks like someone filled with plaster of Paris and stuck the stuff in. Maybe will cut the stuff out and fill with moss? Something?

And last but certainly not least are these great vintage jars affixed with waterslide decals. Perfect for Vivi's nursery! Three will be kept, the other two will go in my shop.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! xo


Naomi said...

I love all the goodies!! We took the girls to their first flea market last week. It was a small one, but they seemed intriqued.

There is one in Elkhorn with 500 vendors that we may be heading to in June. It is the day after the Craftacular though so I have to see how my energy it doing!!

I am definately getting a sling for Sir Bambino. They are really really helpful.

xxoo n

nicole said...

Those jars are very cute! All your items are so neat.