Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Little Red...

I bought some kid's records for Quinn and received them yesterday from eBay. Some of my faves like Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, The Little House, and 3 Little Pigs were included. Plus, this darling (love the cover art):

Oh, and to show you my love of LRRH must have originated from when I was a kid, here's a pic of my at Halloween circa 1979 (I was 4) with my bro, "Robin":

Now on to some serious dance business. Do any of you watch So You Think You Can Dance? I, along with my cousin, am a fanatic. It has been great this season. I have watched the show from Season 1. My faves have been Ryan from Season 1, Donyelle from Season 2, and Lacey from Season 3. This season, my fave so far and BY far is JOSHUA. He is so darn cute and humble and talented. I really really hope he keeps it up. Watch this number from Week 1. It gave me chills!

I do not care for, on the other hand, Jessica, Will (what's all the fuss about??), Susie, or Marquis. And I love that Wikipedia has a whole grid matrix of who is in bottom three, who is eliminated, the songs, the choreographers, etc. Verry comprehensive (they should hire me to do this, ha!).

Should also tell you that I'm feeling very satisfied in the techy department. All of a sudden, I couldn't receive or send mail via Outlook Express. Googled the error code and found a post that someone blamed the problem on Norton Antivirus software. So I uninstalled it. Still didn't work. Then I found another post where someone mentioned an extra step, that you have to install a Norton uninstall tool (weird). So I did that too-- it now works! Downloaded AVG antivirus freeware instead of the damn Norton. Poop on them. I shoulda been an IT geek!

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Cheshire Kat said...

Love the old halloween photo! And that menu is sweet!