Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are You Ready????

The shopping's done, the wrapping's done. I think I'm ready! Although the hubby pointed out a very depressing thought-- by this time next week it will be long over. Seems like such a to-do for such a finite period of time, doesn't it?

The girls have been, well, a bit rowdy. I thought Elf on a Shelf would help with the impishness, but not so much. I keep telling V there is still hope IF she can curb the obnoxiousness. This is what she has asked Santa for (with a bit of coaching from Mom):

Post Edit: the above is the Strawberry Villa by Le Toy Van from Amazon (I hope Santa knows V would love it-- hopefully his elves can recreate it) :). I wonder if she will get it. I think Santa may take pity on her.

I just got done finishing up some French macarons we bought last weekend. How have I gone so long without eating these??? My friend told me about a local bakery called Cup.cake that sells them, and I bought 1/2 doz chocolate peppermint last weekend. So delish.

If you haven't tried them, they are like a cross between a brownie and cookie sandwiching a light cream filling. Cup.cake's Facebook page tells you what kind they have every day. If you are a regular blog reader, you most likely have seen various posts about macarons especially from Miss Emily Martin (aka The Black Apple). I think I avoided them for so long because I thought they tasted like meringues. Can't wait to order some for a birthday party! They will be so pretty and tasty.

And speaking of The Black Apple, look! An early Christmas present for me!

It was on sale at Urban Outfitters for 50% off, and I snatched it up for $9.90. Score! It was the last one. My non-crafting, non-blogging friend looked at me like I was nuts when I found the sole copy. She thought I was buying it for the girls. Looked at me even nuttier when I said they would not be touching it, and it would be kept safe and sound in my craft room.

I've been collecting all my home decorating ideas for the new house on Pinterest. Have you all heard of Pinterest? I'm slightly obsessed. can follow me if you wish! I have been finding myself liking the mixture between vintage and modern. But someone PLEASE talk me off the wallpaper ledge! I love it so, and I know it's "in", but I have a feeling I will hate myself later for it. But just LOOK at this wallpaper!

Le sigh.

Anyway, have a wonderful short week leading up to the holidays. :) I'll be back soon. xo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Up...

This one's for my friend, Danielle, who said, "If I click on your blog one more time and see 'Happy Lemonade Day'..." :)

HELLO!!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU!!!! I'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO!!! As you all may have been able to tell, I am easily distracted and overwhelmed. This fall has been CRAZY. Lots of newness-- a new boss at work (with him, lots of new work), kindergarten, a 2.5 year old who FINALLY (after almost a year of speech therapy) has started talking a mile a minute (whoa and yay at the same time), and designing a NEW HOUSE.

So in the words of Glee, here's what you missed...

The first day of school:

Halloween (my girlfriend, Karen, made the pirate and Bo Peep costumes!):

My creepy Facebook profile pic (I love Picnik!):

A birthday (5!):

And yes, we are slightly nutty in that in this completely horrible awful economy, we are building a new house. It's actually right around the corner from our house now which is great because we are walking distance from downtown, we love most of our neighbors, and we love Q's school.

I never thought I would want to do this because "new house" in my mind means cookie cutter, no character, thin walls, brass fixtures, bleh houses. Then a house was built a street up from us. It's beautiful. Then I found out the builder was building on 8 vacant lots near our house. THEN I found out that the architect he works with regularly lives in my most favorite house of all of Royal Oak. It was kismet.

More later, but here are the exterior shots we gave our architect for inspiration. Straight outta the 1923 Sears & Roebuck kit home catalog. He loved it. A connection was made. :)

And I'm a DEXTER FANATIC!!!! I am seriously loving this season and Julia Stiles, and if I wasn't already done having kids, I'd name my next-born daughter Lumen. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful fall!!! Are you gearing up for Xmas? Let me know! Say hello! I'm sorry I'm such a stinky friend. I think of you all often. xoxoxoxo