Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Dunno!

For those of you with kids, was it freaky to you when you realized that, indeed, your kids ACTUALLY understand what you're saying? Like they-- no doubt about it-- have pieced together the words you are speaking and act or respond to it accordingly? I mean, Q has been following directions for a few months now, but for some reason, it's all just registering with me. I think it may have been yesterday when we were going through all the animals and the sounds they make on the way to daycare. She has mastered a sheep's baa, kitty's meow, doggy's fuff, bee's buzz, horse's neigh, but then I asked her what a bunny says. She looked at me in the rear view mirror, stopped for a second, put her hands up and said "I dunn-no?". She'd never said that before and when she did say it, it was completely relevant.

Ok, enough with the kid talk. I received some baby wearables in the mail yesterday from American Apparel, and I finished up a new project idea. Kinda simple, but I'm obsessed with these animal images. They quite possibly may be my all-time favorite graphics. I practiced on one for Q and it came out pretty cool and distressed looking, but these are more clear. I have two each of the bibs and four of the onesies in varying sizes for DUCF! Hubby asked if I thought they'd sell. My reply? "I dunn-no!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Girl Land Love

I’m in love…with my new website!!!!! That's:

Bookmark it! Sigh…isn’t it dreamy? I am so stinking happy with it. I got the deal of the century. If you like it, let me know and I will give you Jim's info. Can you believe he did this all in ONE WEEK. And that was even with his family visiting from Florida. Wow.
P.S. I hope those with mustaches aren’t offended (you'll understand after you read...).

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ambitious (Well, for Me Anyway...)

After our skill sharing session on Saturday night, I decided to try something that I've been talking about trying for awhile. I made yo-yo! Then I made flower-shaped yo-yo! Then I put together and made brooch! I feel like I'm talking caveman right now.

I bought two little guide thingy jiggers online, and I liked the flower-shaped one, but the round one I bought was too small, so I just decided to wing a larger one. To my surprise, it turned out ok. I kinda like the poison cherries. The whole thing was reminiscent of Miss Black Apple (or Cherries as it were) without intending to be.

I know I sound like I just climbed Mt. Everest or something, but you guys don't understand-- I haven't sewed like EVER (unless you count embroidery and cross-stitch). But now I'm inspired to make some hair things and some more brooches and when I go to my mom's house, we're going to sew some little pillows. I even bought some embroidery patterns, floss, and tea towels today. I'm on a roll, babies!

Also I finished up this suitcase. My source for the suitcases are on the other side of the state, so my poor mother ran to two of them, and they were all beat up! Where's the quality assurance inspectors, people! If undies get a thorough looking-over, so should craft items. Heh. I think it turned out cute. And it was simple which made it even better!

Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Make Out Session #1!

Last night was the first skill sharing session with the MICE girls. It was so fun. Thank you, Heidi, Taryn, and Danielle! I was having flashbacks to my west Michigan 4-H roots when, at 12, I used to compete in our County fair in cross stitch, embroidery, baking (I made a mean snickerdoodle), cake decorating, geneology, and photography. I know it sounds hillbilly.

Anyway, I digress-- Taryn taught us to embroider strawberries, and her packets were so stinkin' cute! I think I was the only weirdo who was excited about the dotted swiss strawberries she had gotten at a thrift store. And I liked the gold rick rack around the extra piece of muslin. I live for stuff like that. My finished product left a bit to be desired, and I still need to fill them in and finish the leaves, but I loved doing it! I have some ideas for a few projects which I may or may not get to before DUCF (think anthropomorphic teeth!).

Danielle taught us how to etch glass! I never knew it was so easy. Well, WOULD be easy if I could sketch and use an exacto knife worth a damn. Mine kinda turned out kinda pathetic, but it was fun anyway. I was coveting Alison's deer head glass. You can see more of Danielle's pics here.

Well, a fun time was had by all. It was nice to get out of the house and be crafty with other girls and chow down and drink a little vino. Can't wait for the next one which may possibly be needle felting (!), but I have a sinking feeling that if it's in August, it's going to be on the 18th which I can't do (Brandy's wedding). So here's hoping for another date!

Hope all you loverly peoples had a good weekend! The unveiling of the new Girl Land website is impending! Huggles, and have a great week. Sarah

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stupid Piles of Craft

I have a new-- albeit slightly pathetic-- Friday night regimen which involves my People magazine crossword puzzle (which I can finish in less than 10 min flat due to my useless pop culture knowledge), craftin' on a TV tray, and DeGrassi High (the NEXT generation). Ever since the demise of Fifteen and the original DeGrassi Junior High, I've felt a void in my life regarding bad Canadian teen dramas. That void has been filled by The N (yeah, "it goes there").

I have become increasingly disgusted with the complete and utter chaos of my craft workspace. I thought it appropos to borrow the Pile of Craft phrase from the Charm City Mafia today because A) I love it; B) That's how I feel especially today; and C) Today is their first Pile of Craft show! I love their poster too. Too cute. Good luck, ladies and gents.

Here is the only picture I could stand to show you. My workspace is basically my husband's office which is painted burgundy with dark wood and manly art on the walls, bleh. Things are all over in no semblence of order. Crafting supplies are eeking out into our main living area as well. We need a bigger house. Why can't I just have a workspace that looks like Jenny's. Is that too much to ask?

On a happy note, I forgot I had this ribbon, and I just found it. It's polyester, so it's a tad stiff, but I love it anyway. And also, do you all like my new flash banner at the top right corner? Courtesy of Danielle! It makes me so happy. Tonight is my crafting class with some of the MICE girls which should be fun. There's also wine involved, so that's fun too.

Coming soon...the new Girl Land webpage!!!! EEK!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Something Old, Something New

I met Danielle and Jim for coffee tonight. They are going to do a one-page website for me and flash banner for the DUCF page! Yay. They are moving on to greener pastures, however (sniff sniff) and moving to NY to work for Etsylabs! Congrats, you two. Anywho, I was pulling out some baby pics to put on my profile section and came across this pic. Dig the uneven bangs and big ol' eyes.

I got a lil' bit of crafting in when I got home. Maybe it was that floofy caffeinated drink I had (medium nonfat raspberry white chocolate iced mocha no whip) that gave me the energy. The hubby always gets perturbed when we get coffee to go (he's a venti dark roast. Period.) for obvious reasons. Made a few more door hangers and finished the inside of this paperboard suitcase. I just love it! And it was so easy. I'm going to put one or two decals on it and a cute "luggage tag" on the handle and call it good. I only bought 4 (2 red and 2 pink) because the rest were all beat up and scuffed in the store. I may have to go back for more...

SYTYCD update: Just got done watching tivo'ed So You Think You Can Dance...I think Faina and Cedric are OUTTA THERE tomorrow night. Which is a shame because I think Cedric is a sweetie pie. He's got such a cute little face. But they were not good. Lacey and Kameron kinda disappointed tonight, but my other fave couples Lauren and Neil & Sabra and Dominic were much better. WhooOOOO (a la Mary Murphy).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father’s WEEK?

My mother always used to tell us as kids that our birthdays were neverending. Well, now I know how she feels. Father’s Day started Sunday with the hubby sleeping in, getting candy, a Zingerman’s basket, and brunch. Yesterday, he worked only part of the day. Today, I drove his car to work to handle his windshield repair and even filled up his gas tank on the way to work (well, I was FORCED to because I thought Q and I were going to run out of gas). I don’t remember Mother’s Day lasting 3 days…oh well, I suppose I owe him these things and then some!

On a crafty note, I am taking a glass etching and embroidery class with some other MICE this weekend. Maybe I will be able to turn out some new wares using my new skills for…..(drumroll please)…..THE DETROIT URBAN CRAFT FAIR! Yayyyyy, I got accepted. I am seriously in shock. I am half thinking they might have sent it to me in error. Hopefully not. Now I’m trying to figure out when the heck I’m going to have the time to make all this stuff I said I’d make. I’m real good about buying the supplies—actually making the stuff is another story. And still plodding along on my wholesale order of these. Gawd, do they take forever! Between the painting/drying, tea staining/drying/flattening, cutting, pasting, and sealing, I’m door-knockered out.

Last thing, Q and I have a playdate scheduled with Amy and her cutie petootie daughter who is only 2 months younger than Q. Probably no crafting involved, but a park and a “ride” (Quinn’s word for slide) definitely will be. How fun!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Thanks to all you dads and grandpas out there for donning an apron and dancing around with us, making us things like toyboxes and dollhouses, going down the slide with us, rocking us at 3am in your whitey tighties, telling us (even though we're pudgy and frumpy) that we're pretty, and for most of all still loving us even when we throw food on the floor, tell fibs, or cheat at Candyland. We love you!!! XOXO

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cookies Delite Me

How cute is this gift? A family member was just diagnosed with breast cancer, so we wanted to send her something to show our support. My boss’ wife has started her own business called Cookie Delites. Long story short, Kim made this custom order for me, and I think her prices are great. A dozen cookies, individually vacuum sealed, for $28.40 (that includes s/h) shipped 2-day from Michigan to Pennsylvania. Know any graduates? She also has boxes that look like graduation caps and will add paper shreds and packaging to match school colors! She’ll customize the packaging for any occasion.

She is still working on her logo and website, and I will post those as soon as they are done, up and running. She currently offers chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter cookies which have a little mini Snickers bar smashed up inside. MMMM! She will do all of one kind or a variety of whatever you’d like.

Anyway, thought I’d put it out there. I struggle for gift ideas sometimes, and this is such a good idea for a new baby, funeral (yeesh), graduation, birthdays, etc. If you are interested, you can contact her. Tell her Sarah sent ya!

Keychain of Fools

I made a keychain. Do people like keychains? I have no idea. I hope so because I bought a bunch of rectangular and round. I have a whole set of kid's reference books, and there are some freaky weird pictures of animals and birds and such I think I may use. I really like this birdie. Maybe I will dig through and find some other pics. Oh, and I think I may add a charm to them as well. Here's one I made for Jessie, but I could do any name of course.

The weekend will be fun, but busy. One thing is for sure--I will be listening to my new favorite cd (not very cutting edge, but it's so damn catchy and I heart Adam Levine-- stay tuned for Adam Levine themed blog post). Tonight, 2 friends and I are putting on Brandy's "Happy Shower" (work shower after work) at my fave pizza joint. Saturday, my friend, Lizzie, is visiting with new baby, Evan from South Carolina and we're going to try to make it here. Sunday is brunch with the parentals, hubby, and Q here. I'm already eyeing the crepes stuffed with berries and Michigan honey. Mmmm!

Have a good weekend, Lovies! Xo to all.

Additional Tidbit: I just realized that on Track #10 Kiwi, Rashida Jones (she plays Karen on The Office) provides additional vocals. Just for all you Office fans out there...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can I Mainline Tivo?

I promise I won't keep posting TV clips. I guess It's high time that you all know what a serious boob tube junkie I am anyway.

This is my 3rd season of So You Think You Can Dance, and this segment seriously gave me the chills. If you watch, watch the whole thing. I thought it was going to be typical boring lyrical routine, but it isn't. The girl is Lacey Schwimmer (she's only 19), and her brother, Benji, won last year. I'm not sure if Kameron Bink is straight, but I want to marry him. Maybe I can move to Utah and have two husbands. Does it work that way??

My next post will consist of something substantive and craftlicious, I promise.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a Little Lass

I can' t stop watching this commercial. I'm sick. Please help me. I think it's the look on his face before he starts singing.

P.S. Does he look familiar to you? Have you seen Outside Providence? It's Dunphy's roommate, Jizz.

Thriftlicious Fiction

I'm not a die-hard thrifter, but I definitely can relate to those who are. When you find something soooo cool (my friend just found a Diana camera for $5.00), I think it releases endorphines or something. I could totally become a thrifting addict. I think I'm on the edge.

During my daily blog reading, I gather that most crafty types are habitual thrifters. I've only been slightly exposed to it. I like flea markets the best, I think. I used to be a pretty avid garage saler, but now I just don't have the patience. The thrift stores around here are ridiculous-- lots of high priced crap because they know people will pay big bucks. I'm nervous to attempt estate sales. I've heard scary things about wristbands and crazy old ladies thumping people's kneecaps with their umbrellas to edge them out of a sale.

The point of my story is that you may love the book Second Hand by Michael Zadoorian. I guarantee you will all relate to this book yourselves or know someone who is Richard. As I've started reading it again, I think my friend, Dave, wrote this book and that Michael Zadoorian is his nom de plume. Oh, and for those in Michigan, it is set in Fashionable Ferndale, so that's fun. And if you buy a copy of the book, I'll ask Dave to sign it for you...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vintage Fabric Heaven

I received my order from Amanda yesterday. I'm kvelling. I have had my eye on these deer for quite a while for my dioramas. Now I don't want to part with them though! And the vintage fabric scraps are to die for. My fave is the brown with the cream hearts. I think it will even look cute with the floral shown here too. I'm thinking a cute brooch made with these two.

My hubby, his sis, Q, and I are going to see the Tigers play the Mets. It's the third game against them, so it's apparently (my husband says) the rubber game of the series? I'm pretty baseball illerate. In fact, I really just like to go to people watch and eat baseball food. Oh, and to see this 20 year old hot kid that just started pitching for the Tigers. Andrew Miller? Call me Mrs. Robinson.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I Cheated on Etsy

...and I'm sore ashamed!!! Well, only a little. I know I could have bought similar items handmade, but it just happened so fast. I didn't mean for it to happen! I went in to Claire's (or Claire's Boutique as we used to call it) to simply buy hair clips, and I ended up walking out with the clips, a magazine tote, a change purse, and 3 pairs of earrings for like $30 or something ridiculous like that. Before you judge, look at these pics! Aren't they so cute?? That change purse? Two dollars flippin' 50. Earrings? Seven dollars for all three.

Let me also tell you I think that I was too old to be shopping in that store. What's the saying? If you are old enough to wear the stuff the first time around then refrain? I chose to ignore that rule. Even though my entire fifth and sixth grade existence revolved around jelly bracelets, rainbow ANYTHING, long beaded necklaces, and chunky plastic earrings. Also, multiple Swatches and plastic charm necklaces were objects of desire which apparently didn't make the cut for 80s trends this season. On a side note, you CAN, however, find some really cute charm necklaces from fellow Michigander Polka Dot Thunder.

I must also point out that my shopping luck continued. We are having a work shower for my friend next week. I was the $$ collector/purchaser. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU ARE READING THIS, BRANDY. I ended up with like $240, and was going to be able to get her TWO of her bigger bedding items if I were to add like 12 more bucks, but Crate & Barrel was having a lovely sale, so I got both her duvet, sheets, AND shower curtain and two towels!! How bout dem apples? I was pretty pleased with myself.

Anyway, please don't be mad at me, Etsy. It didn't mean anything. You know I love you. Don't look at me that way!

Ode to Mia Sara

Yesterday morning when I was driving and then walking into work was very strange. The sky was a very funny color but it was sunny, it was very windy, there were a bunch of birds bein' loud, and there were pieces of cottonwood floating around. It totally reminded me of the movie Legend. Have you seen it? It’s a pretty bad movie, but I was 10 years old when it came out, and I loved it, so I still have an affinity for it. All you needed was a greasy Tom Cruise (yuck) and a dewy-faced Mia Sara, and you’d be all set. Except I think it was pollen floating around in the movie…not cottonwood.

Not to get off on a tangent, but I also have some strange fixation with Mia Sara. In fact, my favorite girl names are Mia, Sloane or Delphine (the latter two are names of two characters she played). I’m sounding stalkerazzi. I also have a Mia Sara shrine in my basement. Kidding! Jeez.

I promised to take some photos of my *prizes*. So here they are. Just a little glimpse. I think I liked the graphic for the pail just because of the “Three Cheers for George Wahsington”. I don’t know why. It made me chuckle. I do not feel very patriotic these days, but since I have a July 5th birthday, I feel some sort of obligation to bust out the red, white, and blue around this time. The one on the left will be delivered to Danielle, and the one on the right is on its way to Jessie! Thanks again girls for your comments.

Anyway, have fun, all! I am awaiting some special packages from A. Bel Emporium and Kitty-Craft. I am seriously an online shopping addict. I need to start up an Online Shoppers Anonymous group.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Sweet Jessie Surprise!

I received my prize from Jessie today! How cute is this packaging? Included was a fabric covered button (I just discovered these kits!), some "tidbits" of mini epherma, a magnet, button on a retro playing card, little fabric flower doo-dad, taffy, candy dots, and some matchbooks. cousin and I ate all the saltwater taffy already.....yayyyyy. Thanks, Jessie! I love your mailing labels and tidbits packaging. My prize to you is going to look like a hobo sent it. Ahhhh, hobos. I'll save that topic for another day. xoxo, Jessie! You inspire me daily.

Monday, June 4, 2007


This stuff is seriously so sweet that it makes my insides feel all melty. I'm too giddy to sleep now!

Top Row (l-r): One Good Bumblebee, Sweet Jessie, A. Bel Emporium

Middle Row: Yuwa Japanese import fabric, the black apple, Everso

Bottom Row: Make Out Goods, Robot Candy, Littokids

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Idea Contest Wieners!

Um, well seeing as I only got TWO COMMENTS (!), Jessie and Danielle are my winners. Thanks for humoring me, girls! I took Danielle's idea and ran with it, and that's what she's getting for her prize. Haven't made Jessie's prize yet, but soon! Will post pics in awhile.

I've bought more STUFF to make! What's on the to-make list??? Bracelets, keychains with plastic charms, yo-yo barrettes for girls and brooches for older girls, small decoupaged gift boxes, silhouette wooden plaque wall art, paperboard train cases lined with vintage papers, new trinket boxes, placemats, and more!

So excited for Date Night Saturday!!!! We're going to dinner. Not sure where, but maybe Fiddleheads? And I've had this night planned for WEEKS to see Knocked Up!!!!! I am a huge, huGE, HUGE Judd Apatow fan. Religiously watched Undeclared until it was canceled and then Freaks and Geeks too on DVD. Seth, Jay Baruchel, and Jason Segel from Undeclared (which were my 3 faves) are back together in KU.

Trying to figure out what to get the hubby for Father's Day. He wants a Toro rechargeable cordless weed whacker (how exciting), but I've gotta throw in a few surprises especially since the flourish of mother's day gifts. We have an inside joke on really bad bumper stickers. One of his faves is "Your retarded". Another is Calvin peeing on anything, but we've often joked that we want to have this one created. Maybe!!!