Monday, June 25, 2007

Ambitious (Well, for Me Anyway...)

After our skill sharing session on Saturday night, I decided to try something that I've been talking about trying for awhile. I made yo-yo! Then I made flower-shaped yo-yo! Then I put together and made brooch! I feel like I'm talking caveman right now.

I bought two little guide thingy jiggers online, and I liked the flower-shaped one, but the round one I bought was too small, so I just decided to wing a larger one. To my surprise, it turned out ok. I kinda like the poison cherries. The whole thing was reminiscent of Miss Black Apple (or Cherries as it were) without intending to be.

I know I sound like I just climbed Mt. Everest or something, but you guys don't understand-- I haven't sewed like EVER (unless you count embroidery and cross-stitch). But now I'm inspired to make some hair things and some more brooches and when I go to my mom's house, we're going to sew some little pillows. I even bought some embroidery patterns, floss, and tea towels today. I'm on a roll, babies!

Also I finished up this suitcase. My source for the suitcases are on the other side of the state, so my poor mother ran to two of them, and they were all beat up! Where's the quality assurance inspectors, people! If undies get a thorough looking-over, so should craft items. Heh. I think it turned out cute. And it was simple which made it even better!

Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

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