Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vintage Fabric Heaven

I received my order from Amanda yesterday. I'm kvelling. I have had my eye on these deer for quite a while for my dioramas. Now I don't want to part with them though! And the vintage fabric scraps are to die for. My fave is the brown with the cream hearts. I think it will even look cute with the floral shown here too. I'm thinking a cute brooch made with these two.

My hubby, his sis, Q, and I are going to see the Tigers play the Mets. It's the third game against them, so it's apparently (my husband says) the rubber game of the series? I'm pretty baseball illerate. In fact, I really just like to go to people watch and eat baseball food. Oh, and to see this 20 year old hot kid that just started pitching for the Tigers. Andrew Miller? Call me Mrs. Robinson.

1 comment: said...

Hey, you...
Now you made ME go buy some stuff from her. Damn those etsy girls and their kitschy wares!!!
I got your darling package yesterday and wanted to thank you ever so kindly! I especially love the puppy stickers. Thanks so much!
xoxo, Jessie