Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pale September & Contest #2

Can you believe it’s over (September, that is)? I love the fall, but it’s been overcast, sleepy and still outside. The colors are muddled instead of popping as they usually do at this time of year. It reminds me of a song that I love by Fiona Apple:

Pale September, I wore the time like a dress that year

The autumn days swung soft around me, like cotton on my skin

But as the embers of the summer lost their breath and disappeared

My heart went cold and only hollow rhythms resounded from within

Isn’t it lovely? Definitely reads like a poem which is atypical these days with modern music. I sound like an old lady, don't I??? "These kids and their darn hippity hop music!!!"

Here’s some nice Flickr pics reflecting my mood:

And……..Contest #2! I’m offering a vintage craft pack, if you will. Vintage trim, decals, ephemera, cupcake toppers, a bluebird diecut, vintage children's books, some sweet vintage table runners and pillow cases partially embroidered, old metal hoop and embroidery floss!

Just to repeat the “rules”—leave me a comment on this post. Be sure to either leave your email in the comments or be sure the “Show my e-mail address” box is checked under your Blogger user profile. If you link to this post from YOUR blog, you’ll get two extra chances to win. Comments will be accepted until Sunday night, October 5.

Don't forget to enter Contest #1, and be on the lookout for the final (and best, in my opinion) contest in the next couple days. I'm off to a Planning Conference in Kalamazoo for the rest of the week, but I will try to remember to set up an automatic post before I leave. If it doesn't work, I'll do it Sunday or Monday. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sorry and Contest #1!

Hi all! Sorry I've been gone. Finally got my camera back today. I've been a wreck without it, but my new iphone camera works amazingly well (for a phone camera), so I've gotten a few shots of stuff.

I went to a work conference last Thursday at a farm about 1/2 hour away. It made such an impression that we are going to take Q and V tomorrow. They have pony rides, a magician, and other fun stuff all autumn long. Plus you are THISCLOSE to all the animals-- and they have now week-old piglets that Q can't wait to get her hands on! Here are some pics from the conference day:

Yes, a goat in the rafters! Just before he goat dropped a turd on the opening speaker, in fact:

A brief scenic stop on our hayride around the farm just before a little talk on environmental stewardship:

The tiny piggies (Babe!):

Some more good stuff this week:

+The Paci Fairy made a visit to an almost-3-year-old last night. We decorated this bag for her, put all the pacis inside, and lo and behold, Q woke up to find a new digital camera (you know, the cheapy kid's ones) inside! Q tracked exactly how she got in too-- she found a fairy dust trail at the windowsill leading to the bag. Damn, that fairy dust is messy!

+These uber-cute matching Halloween shirts for the girls! Jennifer did a great job. I was going to applique or iron-on some shirts, but I loved the personalization, and I couldn't have done them myself for that cheap.

+And..................this is my 300th post! As I said before, let's have THREE contests. And the rules are as they were before-- leave me a comment on this post (and/or the next two), you get one entry for each. Link to my posts, and you get an extra TWO chances for EACH contest you link to. Plus, winning one of the three does not make you ineligible for the other two, so enter them all!

Today's contest will be for some Girl Land merchandise-- $20 worth of anything in my shop, vintage or handmade. I spent HOURS making this little Girl Land Bucks gift certy on Photoshop. I am a moron. Heather, look! I followed your tutorial! I really need lessons on this damn thing.

Anywho, stay tuned...Contests #2 & 3 will be over the course of this week-- and a big vintage stash will be the finale. For the Girl Land Bucks, please leave your comment between now and next Friday, October 3.

Thank you, all, for indulging me and reading what I have to say and for checking up on me now and again as well. I never imagined when I started doing this that I'd find such a wonderful, kind and inspirational blogosphere out there! Sigh. Love you. xoxoxo

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Want the Funk

I left my camera at the hospital while visiting Baby Ronin (crap). Thus, no pics. So another good commercial.

On a completely separate topic, my husband just tried to get Q to take a bite out of a raw onion telling her it was an apple (nice dad). She politely declined stating matter of factly, "No thank you...that's an onion."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lovely Martha

Martha's having a contest! I'd better step up my blog appearance...and soon!

Things & thoughts on this thrilling Thursday:

+Dear Facebook: Please provide larger thumbnails on profile pages. I don't want to friend request my old boyfriends, I just want to stalk them and see if they're bald and/or fat.

+Dear Mr. Mechanic: Thank you for not charging me for the diagnosis of my radio cutting out every time I go over a bump. I'm glad I only have to buy a new radio-- could be much worse. Also, thank you for not mentioning the footprints and bird poop on my hood, how raunchy the inside is, and for not asking me how the passenger front quarter panel got munched (ahem, I got too close to the lawnmower in the garage).

+Dear Janie & Jack: Let there be a super duper cute outfit on sale for me to buy at your shop. Baby Ronin will be here today (nearly 3 weeks early!), and I didn't plan ahead.

+Dear Patron Saint of Skinny Women: Make at least ONE of the hubby's co-worker's wives weigh over 140 lbs tomorrow night. I don't want them to be scared that I may eat them.

That is all. Hope you are planning something WONDERFUL for the weekend! I'm trying to talk the hub into taking the girls to the DIY Fest in Ferndale.


Thought I'd throw some cuties your way-- all three handmade and stitched up all purdy.

On the left, I embroidered this little tweeter on one of Q's (and now V's) long sleeved onesies. For all you professional stitchers out there, I've said it once, I'll saiy it again, I'm NOT a patient embroiderer. If it looks good enough, it's good enough for me. You all put me to shame.

I did it out of irritation because I'd bought some cute birdie embroidered onesies from Old Navy which I thought would match these shoes she has from Janie and Jack:

Long story short, the way they punched the plastic tag in, the onesies had a hole in them which was sure to get larger after washing. I checked every set of onesies they had with the birdie on them, and all the same thing. Dummies!

Middle is the cute diaper cover I won from The Baby Gardner:

On the right, a card stitched up by my mom's friend, Elaine. She made one for Q when she was born too!

Sorry for the crap photos. I keep forgetting to take the pics when it's light out. Argh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Timesavers and Whatnot

I like working, and my job is low-stress with great benefits. The only complaint I have is that I have NO time to run errands. With the hubby’s new job and his longer commute, it’s all me taking the girls to and picking them up from daycare . I get a ½ hour lunch or an hour if I want to make up that extra ½ hour some other time. Therefore, anything I can do to cheat time is ab wonderful.

We are going to dinner with Ryan’s co-workers Friday night. I’m wearing a dress, but I have no pantyhose. And I also ran out of eyeshadow. And hairspray. Yes, I could have just run to the drug store for temporary fixes, but I found a nice little tool: Nordstrom’s pickup. So I ordered some Spanx tights that I wish were sheerer (spellcheck says that’s a word…?), but oh well. Also ordered my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, paid for both things online and waited for an email stating my order was ready for pickup. Easy peasy. I also ran to Trade Secret to buy hair products including my favorite W8less Plus hairspray. Mailed out my sis-in-law’s birthday gift too. All within ONE HOUR.

I do all my banking online and use the ATM for deposits. I use Walgreens with a drive thru for prescriptions. I ship all my eBay stuff via Priority Mail and get the free boxes through USPS.com, print my labels at home, and use carrier pickup. With my Etsy stuff, I like to use a cheaper method of shipping, so I use the Automated Postal Center to ship either First Class or Parcel Post. I don’t have to wait in line or talk to anyone!

Love to hear anyone else’s shortcuts to everyday life!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Beans, I Hardly Knew Ye

A little bit of nostalgia nearly punched me in the face yesterday while browsing on eBay.

This weird looking baby was my partner in crime throughout my early childhood. Until yesterday, I had all but forgotten about her. I still don't know how I happened upon her. She had a bean-filled body. I never knew she was a Mattel Baby Beans (I was probably 3ish when I had her). She was simply known as Susie. I lost her while at a playground, and my parents miraculously "found" her and returned her home. Of course, they actually bought a new one, but I was none the wiser.

Crazy stuff.

DUCF Vendors

Are up! I was so excited to see who else will be there on November 15...the Filmore! Be there or be square.

Be sure to play along with the awesome website-- cool little pop-up book type features. I love it! So fun. xo

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Come Sale Away

I've tried Craigslist to find estate sales, but this by far is the best tool. Here are the types of estate sales I've experienced so far:

1. Those which are *called* estate sales but are really yard sales (to me, an estate sale is when someone has died. Period.); sorry, but I don’t want your fitness equipment, beer ad tees, or used and dirty baby toys.

2. The professionally organized estate sale in which all the good stuff is taken by the company and what’s left is scarce and of no interest to me.

3. The professionally organized estate sale that has some good stuff, is neatly organized, but is overpriced. Like three times what I would feel comfortable with selling in my own shop.

4. The family organized estate sale in a chi-chi section of metro Detroit (today’s sale) with super cool stuff that is like super duper whooper overpriced. Like I’d have to sell a simple pipe cleaner-armed elf for $16 to make it worth my while. I did get this cutie off a cheaper table (amongst the Fred Flinstone figurines, small country baskets, and bad silk flower arrangements). Many times I don't buy anything here simply out of principal.

4. Finally, my favorite, the family organized estate sale in a less affluent area of metro Detroit on a main drag where you park on the grass in front of the house and they just want the stuff OUT. And the teenage grandson sells you a ginormous box of pretties for $10 that the mere sight of makes you want to cry.

I’m going to another tonight. I’ll let you know which category it falls into. I'm hoping #4.

It was alright. Will post more pics tomorrow (it was too dark in my house to get any decent shots)-- here are my two fave things! The girl/kitty picture is creepy cute at its finest.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Future of Politics

Hearted Blogs

The lovely Susie has given me an award as one of her hearted blogs! Yay! Thanks, Susie, I love yours too. You are one of my sewing inspirations…I WILL learn someday.

Here are the award rules:
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

Here are my nominees! I tried to pick people I haven’t tagged before…

Alli of One Pearl Button blog: Great ideas, fun blog, always love reading her comments on MY blog (thanks, Alli!). Whoops! I just realized I already tagged you for my weird food post.

Kate of Scandalicious Suburbia blog: One of my college roommies. Being around her is very therapeutic and calming. I find her posts that way too.

Deanna of The Baby Gardner blog and shop: I just found her through Heather (another of my faves!). And I just won a contest of hers! Such cute stuff in her shop. Lucky me.

Amy of Early Bird Special blog and Etsy shop: Provides regular embroidery inspiration.

Gina of Doe-c-Doe blog : All around vintage/graphics/crafty inspiration and great eye candy.

Hannah of Knick Knacks & Ric Rac blog and Made with Love by Hannah shop (dig those GREAT skirts!!!!!) —see all of above. Plus, she shares my intense mushroom love.

Candace of Sparkle Power blog and shop: Great vintage and crafty posts, and I love reading about her girls who are just a titch older than Q & V.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Slim Pickins

As I said yesterday, I was kinda bummed at the stuff I found yesterday. It is always fun looking, but I was not as ecstatic as I usually am. I was pretty much on the fence about every single thing. Here is a brief synopsis. You can see my whole haul here.

My fave thing was a cute little Easter egg house viewer that displays different bunny scenes. One view:

Next is probably my best bargain. Will be part of my 300th post giveaway bonanza (vintage portion). Heather said she has a Vogart pattern of the little cowpoke dude, and I told her mine was painted. She told me she’d heard that’s what people used to do (paint on embroidery patterns). At lunch, a friend of mine confirmed. He said his aunt used to do this. The blankie is in great condition—I soaked it to heck and bleach-penned it. Most everything came out.

Another part of the bonanza, Chipmunky/Squirrelly (?) S&P. They were sold as a set, and both only have 2 holes in the top. Maybe they are two pepper shakers? But they sure do look as if they go together, and in fact, I am fairly certain I saw them together at another booth (for double what I paid) now that I think of it. Hmmmmm.

The only find for my shop. Almost passed them by as I was annoyed the vendor didn’t have change for a ten. She said I would have been her first sale of the day, but shouldn’t she have gotten ones??? I get them for craft shows and garage sales, fer pete’s sake.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Hooked

Like I need to spend more time in front of the TV. True Blood was great!

'Bout Dang Time

Finally, Q will let me put things in her hair. I think it annoys her daycare ladies that her hair is always in her face. I picked her up last week, and she had two barrettes in. I said, "How'd you do that?", they said, "We just told her she couldn't take them out. Period." Hmmmm...novel idea. Don't know if it's a fad, but just in case, I made her some of these.
Off to watch the new HBO vampire series True Blood with Anna Paquin (is being Tivo'd)! Just what I need, more boob tube. Have loved AP since X-Men. Rogue is such a hottie, but what a sucky power, eh?

Apron Love

My cousin's baby shower was yesterday at an Italian restaurant, and look what the Wonderful Aunt Judy made for everyone! Aprons! She's so awesome-- she made 30 of them. Here's mine:

I dragged my mom flea marketing this morning. I was so worried it was going to be raining. It stopped, but the place (all outdoor) was all icky wet clay mud. Plus, my haul was only mediocre. More pics tomorrow...
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Little Somethin' Extra

Since everyone was asked to bring a book to my cousin's baby shower, I got on a roll and whipped up some of these. Yes, I copied Michael Miller's Space Rocket fabric! Not like I'm selling them or anything...

Kinda goes with the whole star nursery theme too, I thought. There are like zillions of things I *should* be doing, but I spent tonight doing this. Oh well. I like how they turned out.

56 Days Til Halloween...Silver Shamrock!

I've had this Alexander Henry fat quarter since last year (well, with white background). I made a few appliques out of it. Made this bag for my shop:

And then I got on a roll. I started these bags with embroidered name banners for the girls. Please excuse the wrinkles and the cat hair! Need to finish up V's:

Sure, Vivian won't be trick-or-treating for a couple years, but if I don't do it now, I never will. I must say that Heat N' Bond and a glue gun are a non-sewing crafter's best friends! What great inventions.

Going to a doozy of a flea market this weekend, and I'm taking my mom. She lives 90 miles away. I tried to prep her-- told her we may need to bust our umbrellas out. She looked at me like I was nuts. I told her to grow a pair (I really did!). Be back Monday to show you some loot!!! A teaser, if you will, for the vintage portion of my upcoming Giveaway Bonanza... xo

Oh! Any of my local peeps know of any good kid's photographers?? I had a lady in Berkley who COMPLETELY closed up shop, no forwarding info, no nothin'. I liked her because she was simple and cheap. No stupid props, no weirdo backgrounds, just PLAIN kid's pics. Anyone, anyone??? I refuse to go to Penney's/Target/Walmart/etc. We had a bad experience when Quinn was 1.

OSB Update: Down 5 total lbs! Ugh...soooooo many more to go. :( This buttercup is going to try to keep her chin up though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Table Cloth Skirt and Dinner Party Top GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

I had to do it. I know I' m greedy. But I love every single one of Kathleen's outfits. Why can't I find a store that sells this stuff??? You know that dress I bought from Ses Petites Mains? It was made horribly. The stitching was all bunched along the bottom hem, a button ripped off (I don't even know how), and the fabric is super thin. Kathleen's looked much cuter and sturdier. Anyway, I digress...enter the Table Cloth Skirt and Dinner Party Top GIVEAWAY !!!!!!! The outfit is so Quinn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We Now Return to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Wanted to show you some happy pics of another baby gift. My cousin is having her baby shower this weekend. Here is her baby bedding:

And here's what I made her. I came up witth the little starry man by myself and freehand (not like it was difficult, but I was happy with him):

Hope she likes it! She'd better not be reading this (JANA!).

Hope your Hump Day is going well! Have you used the potty today?? If so, you get two beans! Help yourself.

Politics (Did I Mention I’m Angry?)

I try to stay away from political ranting in this little corner of my life. So depending on you, you may want to refrain from reading further or clicking links. Ok, I warned you! Read ahead at your own risk.
I feel like I’ve had my head in the sand—I’ve recently found this blog, and I feel like my eyes have been opened. Now I’m just angry at everything. Angry at the possibility of my rights being taken away. Angry at why THESE THINGS aren’t common knowledge. Angry at hypocrisy, racism, and homophobia in general. Angry that I wasn’t angry before. Angry that more people aren’t as angry as I am and that their lack of anger may cause the thing which may ease the anger to slip through our fingers.

Ok…done. Had to do it.

One more thing…please feel free to leave a comment either way…really. Crappy, yelling-at-me comments will, however, be deleted.

**Postscript: since I haven't gotten any hate mail YET, I thought I'd vent a little more about anti-semitism/hypocrisy...and did I mention hypocrisy? If not, just in case…**