Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Timesavers and Whatnot

I like working, and my job is low-stress with great benefits. The only complaint I have is that I have NO time to run errands. With the hubby’s new job and his longer commute, it’s all me taking the girls to and picking them up from daycare . I get a ½ hour lunch or an hour if I want to make up that extra ½ hour some other time. Therefore, anything I can do to cheat time is ab wonderful.

We are going to dinner with Ryan’s co-workers Friday night. I’m wearing a dress, but I have no pantyhose. And I also ran out of eyeshadow. And hairspray. Yes, I could have just run to the drug store for temporary fixes, but I found a nice little tool: Nordstrom’s pickup. So I ordered some Spanx tights that I wish were sheerer (spellcheck says that’s a word…?), but oh well. Also ordered my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, paid for both things online and waited for an email stating my order was ready for pickup. Easy peasy. I also ran to Trade Secret to buy hair products including my favorite W8less Plus hairspray. Mailed out my sis-in-law’s birthday gift too. All within ONE HOUR.

I do all my banking online and use the ATM for deposits. I use Walgreens with a drive thru for prescriptions. I ship all my eBay stuff via Priority Mail and get the free boxes through, print my labels at home, and use carrier pickup. With my Etsy stuff, I like to use a cheaper method of shipping, so I use the Automated Postal Center to ship either First Class or Parcel Post. I don’t have to wait in line or talk to anyone!

Love to hear anyone else’s shortcuts to everyday life!


Sarah and Jack said...

Here is my shortcut:
Don't wear pantyhose, make up, or hairspray! LOLOL (Good Lord I am lazy.)

Simply Nichole said...

With all these short cuts, you also gotta think of the money you're saving not running around in the car! The gas used up stoping, going, turning the car back on...blahblhablha.

You're a shortcut Queen! :]

Cheshire Kat said...

Where does one obtain these free boxes of which you speak?