Thursday, September 18, 2008


Thought I'd throw some cuties your way-- all three handmade and stitched up all purdy.

On the left, I embroidered this little tweeter on one of Q's (and now V's) long sleeved onesies. For all you professional stitchers out there, I've said it once, I'll saiy it again, I'm NOT a patient embroiderer. If it looks good enough, it's good enough for me. You all put me to shame.

I did it out of irritation because I'd bought some cute birdie embroidered onesies from Old Navy which I thought would match these shoes she has from Janie and Jack:

Long story short, the way they punched the plastic tag in, the onesies had a hole in them which was sure to get larger after washing. I checked every set of onesies they had with the birdie on them, and all the same thing. Dummies!

Middle is the cute diaper cover I won from The Baby Gardner:

On the right, a card stitched up by my mom's friend, Elaine. She made one for Q when she was born too!

Sorry for the crap photos. I keep forgetting to take the pics when it's light out. Argh.


Alli said...

I think your birdy embroidery is adorable!

Cristin said...

I used to embroider and cross stitch... I miss it... my carpal tunnell stopped me...(the computer kills me too but I. Can't. Stop.)