Monday, September 8, 2008

Slim Pickins

As I said yesterday, I was kinda bummed at the stuff I found yesterday. It is always fun looking, but I was not as ecstatic as I usually am. I was pretty much on the fence about every single thing. Here is a brief synopsis. You can see my whole haul here.

My fave thing was a cute little Easter egg house viewer that displays different bunny scenes. One view:

Next is probably my best bargain. Will be part of my 300th post giveaway bonanza (vintage portion). Heather said she has a Vogart pattern of the little cowpoke dude, and I told her mine was painted. She told me she’d heard that’s what people used to do (paint on embroidery patterns). At lunch, a friend of mine confirmed. He said his aunt used to do this. The blankie is in great condition—I soaked it to heck and bleach-penned it. Most everything came out.

Another part of the bonanza, Chipmunky/Squirrelly (?) S&P. They were sold as a set, and both only have 2 holes in the top. Maybe they are two pepper shakers? But they sure do look as if they go together, and in fact, I am fairly certain I saw them together at another booth (for double what I paid) now that I think of it. Hmmmmm.

The only find for my shop. Almost passed them by as I was annoyed the vendor didn’t have change for a ten. She said I would have been her first sale of the day, but shouldn’t she have gotten ones??? I get them for craft shows and garage sales, fer pete’s sake.

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