Saturday, April 17, 2010

And a Partridge in a...

I want to take a picture of every spring flower I see. I saw a house the other day that had an azalea (pinkish purple) next to a forsythia bush (bright yellow) next to some small tree that was just leafing out (bright green leaves), and if it wasn't on such a busy street, I would have stopped to photograph the color combination because it looked beautiful.

I'm kind of in love with our Cleveland Pear tree. It's only a few years old, and it's already ginormous. It has wonderful green leathery leaves and the white blossoms make it look like it's covered in snow. We walked by a restaurant in Ferndale last weekend, and they had twinkle lights on their pear trees, and at night, they totally looked snow covered.

Here are a few pics:

If you want to see some seriously beautiful TTV pictures of springy flowers, go check out my bud Alli's blog. Aren't her pics dreamy???

So back to my pear tree-- we had this tree planted in the right of way (which is the area between your property line and the street) by our City Forestry Department for a measly $150 or something which is really CHEAP especially since they do the planting in the right of way. Lots of municipalities especially in Michigan offer this type of thing, so check with your local Parks & Rec or Forestry division.

Speaking of Parks & Rec, do any of you watch the NBC show??? If you do, it is LITERALLY my job on TV. Well, I'm more Mark Brendanawicz (who's a city planner), but I think the writers should contact me because I could give them sooooooooo much material. :) If you haven't seen it, you can watch most of the eps on Hulu.

I love all the characters, especially Aziz Ansari's. Ryan's mind was almost blown when he heard AA would be starring in a movie with one of his other faves, Danny McBride AND it's being shot here in Michigan.

Ok, that's all kiddos. I hope your weekend isn't flying by like mine seems to be. Bleh. Plus, the weather isn't too great, so that's a bummer. Good news is that Ryan's taking Q to Jungle Java tomorrow morning (aka Lord of the Flies in a strip mall), and I don't have to go! Yippee!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Party Central

Just having a partial family party for Miss V's second(!) birthday, but I can't resist the opportunity to design some cute stuff. My parents are coming on her actual birthday, and Ryan's family are coming 3 weeks later to celebrate because it's also the date of Q's first ballet recital!



The backgrounds for both sides are from Maybemej Sporrong. I found her via Danielle Thompson. I am so in love with her site and photos and FREEBIES are dreamy. You may recall my previously posted Scandinavian Love. I think I may have been Swedish in a previous life.

Here's another invite that went out via email last week (tee hee):

Speaking of time flying, A) I can't believe I haven't posted in so long and B) next week, I am taking Q to Kindergarten visitation!!!!! She'll be 5 in November (and in Michigan, they have to be 5 by December 1), so we opted for her to start this year. That girl is READY.

Happy weekending all!! xo