Wednesday, December 19, 2007

God Bless the Scandinavians!

The Junior Society just sent a newsletter out about Fjorn Scandanavia. Not only do I love everything in their store, I ADORE this picture.

Reason #1,281 for wanting to learn to sew...I so want to make these:

Is everyone ready for Christmas?? I'm buying myself Photoshop from Ryan as my Xmas gift. What a guy. Can't wait to mess around with it! Also really REALLY want to buy a sewing machine. We'll see...

Oh, and my tentative baby-pulling day (I'm getting a c-section again) is May 1! If this pans out, Baby Girl M. will be sharing a birthday with one Mr. Wes Anderson, director of one of my faves, Bottle Rocket.


kari said...

I have always wanted to learn to sew. I actually bought a new sewing machine (almost two years ago) and am ashamed to say I have never even taken it out of the box. My daughter (age 11) would really love to learn to sew, too. She is so creative and has such a flair for designing things (I once found her in her room cutting up her socks, stuffing them, drawing faces on them and then taping them up to make little dolls). Someday soon I hope that she and I can take some sewing lessons together.

Sarah and Jack said...

Sewing is so easy once you start. Really.

I love that big nisse man in that photo.

Shelly said...

You couldn't do May 2? Cmon, my birthday :)

I know how you like to rant sometimes :), so everyone, you should not buy from they sell cell phones, and are awful!


Kate said...

Hey,you know that May 1st is Collin's birthday!! :) 9 years age difference between Baby M and he! That rocks! May Day is a good day to have a birthday.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! My "New Years" card is on it's way. Oh, and Happy New Year's Eve/Day, too!