Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Birmingham Thugs!

So Ryan has worked downtown Detroit (near Woodward and Larned) for almost 10 years now. Has parked in a parking structure with pedestrian access. He's had numerous appointments downtown as well in other locations of the city. ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM.

Last night, he had a work seminar downtown hooty tooty Birmingham. He parks at a parking structure directly across from hooty tooty Townsend Hotel adjacent to 220 Merrill. Here:

Gets out of his seminar, walks into the structure, and sees a dude smashing his driver's side window (with no luck) then back driver's side window with a crowbar! My husband then proceeds to run AFTER the man! If any of you know my husband, you will know that he is seriously the skinniest person you may ever meet. Although, he is unnaturally strong, I do not know what the HELL he thought he would do with this man if he caught up to him. I was quietly yelling at him (hard to do) on the phone telling him to get out of the frigging parking structure. Poor Q-- she looked at me like I was nuts. Although, she was watching Shrek the Halls for the 20th time, so she quickly lost interest in my tirade.

So to anyone who says Detroit is not safe, better watch out next time you go see a movie or pay $14 for a martini in the ol' B-Ham!!!!!

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sweetjessie@comcast.net said...

That's horrible enough to have happen to you - but to witness it in progress...... UGH! I'm glad no-one was hurt.