Friday, December 7, 2007

Liking & Anticipating!

Things I Like Today:

  1. Last Christmas by Wham. Wonderfully cheesy and nostalgic. Oh. My. Gawd. I just found this picture. So great!

  2. Cosi’s Signature Salad w/ reduced fat sherry shallot vinaigrette, dried cranberries, pistachios, grapes, and stinky bleu cheese (yes, I’m a bad PG woman and still eat bleu cheese)! YUM!

  3. Q’s Xmas Gift that Ryan assembled last weekend. It’s in our guest room (where she plays often) with a blanket over it. Ahhh, the joys of having a 2 year old. Even if she sees it (and she’s never even attempted), she’d forget anyway.

  4. My super blunt boss. He just said, “You smell like coneys (= coney dogs),” after eating #2 above. He probably would have also told me if I had greens in my teeth. I actually appreciate his bluntness quite a bit. He’s quite a character and a pretty good boss.

  5. 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock. I’d like to buy stock in the Sheinhardt Wig Company. Can I do that? Maybe I’ll just get one of these shirts.

  6. This is the best place to find online coupon codes! Such a great service. I try to add any online coupons I find too to share the love.

  7. This picture! I didn't take it. Crafty Beaver did! Isn't it great??
Things I’m Looking Forward To:
  1. The MICE show tomorrow! I have everything made but decided last minute not to use my Girl Land banner, so I’m going to make a Girl Land tree topper tonight to post my shop name. Not for sale of course. Also have to stamp up some more bags, but then I’m done.

  2. 5th Annual Brunch w/ the girls Monday. Four of us take the day off work, have brunch at my house, drink bloody marys and mimosas, then go to Twelve Oaks to shop! Rule is PG people are the DD’s. Yes, we get that buzzed typically. It’s the one time each year that I get to bust out my grandmother’s Spode and entertain. This year, I’m making my favorite breakfast casserole, monkey bread, and a spiced fruit compote.

  3. My ultrasound Tuesday! Q will soon learn whether she’ll have a little bro or sister coming. My gut feeling (no pun intended) is a boy. Of course I don’t care either way although I’m a bit lazy, so I just keep thinking how much more convenient a girl would be since we have all the clothes, room is already painted girlie, etc.

  4. Christmas strawberries. I’m making cookies this weekend: Buckeyes, Hello Dollies (aka moon bars), frosted sugar cookies, and my beloved strawberries. Check out the comments I made on this recipe (I’m the first one) because the plastic stems are a must (no green sugar!). Warning: though they may look incredibly pretty and festive, besides my brother, cousin, and sis-in-law who have grown to love them, I don’t know many other people who do. Will post a pic after I make them. Need to think of some more innovative ways to package cookies for my friends/neighbors (check out Julie’s super cute idea!).

Have a lovely weekend full of fires in the fireplace, large mugs of peppermint hot cocoa, pretty snow that doesn’t stick to the roads, and non-stressful holiday shopping (boy, was that an oxymoron)!


Jen r. said...

I love the picture of Wham.. A picture really says a thousand words, doesn't it?

Slyvoan said...

WoW! You got a lot going on and PG? You go girl!!!


Please see this link for details

PS. How do I join MICE?