Thursday, December 20, 2007

Through the Looking Glass

So my mom actually founded the garden club in the city where she lives. It now has something like 150 members. They have a garden tour in the summer, and they always have nifty activities. They just had a challenge, the purpose of which was to familiarize themselves with the types of rules and regulations you would have to adhere to if you were creating a display for a flower show. Flowers, in this challenge, were to be incorporated somehow into the display but not be the focus of the display.

Each member (men and women) had a certain sized box. Each was instructed to make it look like the viewer was peering through a window of some sort. Each space within the box had to be covered which meant you had to work vertically too. I just thought it was so interesting! There were no prizes or anything—it was just for fun, and last night they set up all their displays and walked around looking at everyone else’s.

My mom chose the appearance of looking through an attic window. She had an Alice in Wonderland thing going on. I thought it turned out so good! Ryan said it was creepy, but I love the whole feeling that the doll had been playing with the things surrounding her. It reminded me of a book that I liked from junior high. The Alice in Wonderland doll was my mom’s as a child. Here’s her display:


Felicia said...

Its fabulous!

kari said...

What a neat idea! I love that, I bet there were alot of fun things to look at.