Saturday, December 1, 2007

Emulsion, Baby

So I've had these old slides for awhile, and I almost forgot I had them. I cheated a little and got them on eBay. There are probably only like 20 (out of like 100) that are even worthwhile. Anyway, tonight I made some Polaroid Emulsion prints. Do you know what that is? It's a very weird process-- you expose slides onto Polaroid film with this weird machine (I have a Daylab Jr.), pull it apart, dry it, put contact paper on the back, then put it in boiling water. The image comes up as a transparent film that you can manipulate onto watercolor paper in a bowl of room temp water. Here's one of the images floating in said bowl.

You can see some more of the images on my flickr page. They are all dated 1960. The ones I chose had handwritten titles on the slides themselves, and I have decided to name each print based on the handwritten title. The colors are a little niftier in person, but you get the idea. They look kind of dreamy and surreal. That's why I like the process so much. This one's my favorite from tonight's endeavors, I think. It's called "Carl & Bruno". Ha.

Also, done with my glitter abode. And look! Santy Claus came early!! I need to get a little battery operated light to put inside. I originally bought a battery-operated flicker tealight that I was going to sell with it, but I decided it's not bright enough. Plus it's yellow which I didn't know when I bought.
I want to show you all a cool order that I placed last night, but I can't! I bought one of the things for both Ryan and my brother (who reads my blog I think; hi, Joel!). I don't even know if they'll like it, but the item description on Etsy indicated that the crafter was watching Twin Peaks when she made them. How can I go wrong with that? T'will have to wait until after Xmas...dango!

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