Sunday, December 30, 2007


Just read a post of Leslie's, and I totally lost it! Ack. I tell ya, I am not a normally mushy person, but I have been crying at the drop of a hat lately. Ryan and I were just watching the end of "The Sixth Sense", you know, the part where Haley Joel Osment tells Toni Collette that her mother visits him and said the answer to her question is "yes" (her question was "Do I make you proud?"). We were just flipping channels, and I started welling up within like 20 seconds. He thought I was faking or that I'm just schizophrenic, not sure which. I can't help it!

So it got me to thinking of other parts of movies that I have seen probably 10-30 times each, and every time I see them-- doesn't matter if I watch the whole movie or just that scene-- I bawl like a baby:

1. To Kill a Mockingbird (where Scout finally meets Boo Radley and says to him, "Hey, Boo"). Also to note, I can't hear any of the music from the score of that movie without welling up.

2. Field of Dreams (the part where Kevin Costner asks his dad to "have a catch" at the end)

3. Philadelphia (where they show the home movies of Tom Hanks as a child at the end)

4. You Can Count on Me (when Mark Ruffalo is telling Laura Linney how he will be ok sitting on the park bench at the end)

5. Edward Scissorhands (when Edward is carving Kim's likeness in the ice-- that damn Ice Dance song!!!! I cannot listen to it at all)

6. Meet Joe Black (during Anthony Hopkins' speech during his party)
7. The Joy Luck Club (when Ming-Na meets her half sisters in China)

8. Titanic (ok, a little embarrassed about this one, but it's not when Leo bites it. It's when the musicians are playing their music, and the montage starts showing a mother reading a story to her kids knowing they are all going to drown, and the two old people are spooning in their beds!!!!! Gratuitous sadness, people!!!)

9. Cider House Rules (when Tobey McGuire gives the "Goodnight you princes of Maine..." thing at the end).

10. Big Fish (when Billy Crudup is carrying Albert Finney into the river and all his loved ones are there to say goodbye-- Ok, I'm getting teary just writing about it....SAP!!!!)

Then, of course, there are the standard movies-- Life is Beautiful, like the WHOLE frigging movie. And Frequency. Oh, and when I was a kid, West Side Story was like my favorite movie, and I must have seen it like 40 times. Of course, I'd cry when Tony got shot every stinking time.

Anybody else?


PamKittyMorning said...

When I was still in high school my mom and I would watch Back Street and Imitation of Life (both Fanny Hurst tear jerkers from the 'olden days') and BAWL OUR EYES OUT. I'm with you on Cider House Rules, man I love that movie. And what about in Terms of Endearment when the mom tells the littlest boy she was worried about the talk but she thinks it went well. OHMYGAWD.. I need to get a tissue.

Tracy said...

I cried at that exact part in Titanic as well(that was the only part)
And its a Wonderful life-when he's praying on the bridge-gets me everytime

Cheshire Kat said...

Mine is Casper. I saw it when I was little and I wanted to be called Kat for so long! (It finally stuck in middle school.) I even had an imaginary friend that was a ghost. So, that part where Casper leans over Christina Ricci and asks "Kat, can I keep you?" OH! The music is amazing and its just such a bittersweet moment!
I hope that someday my boyfriend proposes to me with that line. Guaranteed yes!

kari said...

I know what you mean! I've even been known to cry at commercials. And, yes, that Titantic moment with the mom and kids gets me every time. I watched 'King Kong' the other night for about the 5th time, and cried. Again. And, don't even get me started on 'Man on Fire (with Denzel Washington). OMG! I bawl my eyes out through that entire movie. It's so good.

Happy New Year

Building a Mystery said...

Ok, honey, watch P.S. I Love You, and I DARE you not to cry. (I sobbed through the ENTIRE film, and that is no exaggeration.)