Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Girl Land Holiday Contest!

This will be a mini contest due to the Christmas holiday quickly approaching! My friend, Danielle, gave me the idea. After reading my Scared of Santa post, she told me at dinner the other day of the funny pic she had of herself and her sis. I received it today and love it! Danielle is on the right and was cool as a cuke (so cute). Her sister, Cheryl, well…that’s another story!
Anywho, email me your fave Scared of Santa pic by Friday noon. It could be you as a kid, a relative, your child, a picture you find online, etc. I will post the funniest/scariest/most disturbing/most amusing three on Saturday and YOU can all vote for your fave. The pic with the most votes on Monday will get a hand-picked Girl Land mystery prize! Could be vintage items, supplies or handmade tchotchkes by yours truly.

My girl’s brunch and shopping excursion yesterday was so fun. My friend, Danielle, also said she was feeling like a “Christmas Loser” because I was undertaking so much holiday stuff. Funny, I feel the same after reading other people’s blogs! I explained that I am, by no means, Martha. To illustrate, not only did I smoke my guests out by filling the pan too full of rolls causing them to pop out of the pan causing brown sugar/butter to ooze out all over the inside of my stove and BURN, but my friend found a twist tie in the breakfast casserole. How GROSS! It was from the bread that went in the casserole (was wondering where it went!), but still gross. Oh, and I thought everyone was coming at 9:30, but my invite had stated 9. As my friend, Sue, says, “I’m shooting through”.

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Felicia said...

LOL I'm not Martha either ;)