Monday, December 3, 2007

Santa’s Watching, Santa’s Creeping

So as I was saying yesterday, we took Q and her buddy to see Santa. This is about as close as I could get her.

Today, I was listening to the radio, and they were talking about websites that post “Scared of Santa” pics. Here are some of my favorites from the particular site I visited. Can you BLAME these kids for freaking? This first Santa almost made me wet my pants.

I’m not sure if the parents realize the severity of the trauma they could be causing. For example, have you seen Silent Night Deadly Night? Pretty amusing (but bad) B-movie from the 80s about a traumatized kid who freaks out and punishes all the “naughty” people. I tried to find the theme song lyrics online because they are extremely disturbing but make me laugh at the same time. All I could find were these:

Santa’s Watching/Santa’s Creeping
Now you’re nodding/now you’re sleeping
Were you good for Mom and Dad?
Santa knows if you’ve been bad.

If that doesn’t scare the hell outta you, I don’t know what would. I’m very much attracted to the vintage Santas with like the red felt fuzzy bodies, but I can admit they are very scary. Here’s a favorite ornament from childhood.

Ok, to conclude and to round out the whole theme of this post, I need to show you the picture of the gift I had originally purchased for Ryan and my brother (Joel, I bought you something else instead). After further consideration, I kind of think most people would think “WTF” if they opened this. Even if it is cool and even if Tina was watching Twin Peaks while making them. Ryan’s still getting one though (and Joel, if you like it, you can have it too…no pressure tho).

Isn’t it great?? Do you guys think I'm weird?


Cheshire Kat said...

I love it, but maybe I'm weird too.

...and it really makes me wish I had a gocco.

IamSusie said...

A few years ago, my kids waited over an hour to see Santa at the big Marshall Fields in Chicago. By the time they finally got to his little nook, they were so overwhelmed, they couldn't even look at Santa. I have those pictures saved someplace in my holiday gear..