Saturday, December 29, 2007

Massive Shopping Spree

I'm all of a sudden freaking out and realizing what has to happen before this baby gets here. The biggest thing of which is renovating our bedroom into Quinn's toddler room. Seems easy enough-- but the logistics are killing me. And the fact that we have a 1,200 square foot space to work with isn't easy either. Moving furniture, painting, cleaning out just SCADS OF STUFF, and possibly having to get some more electrical work done is completely overwhelming me.

Today I went nuts spending $$ we don't have yet. I bought a twin bedframe, pop up trundle for underneath, and twin mattress set. Phew. I'm also going to need to buy another small table and chair set for her, another chest of drawers, and something else which is totally unnecessary for a 2 year old's room, therefore I am not telling you what it is (ahem).

My aunt is making a red/pink themed quilt as well. Can't wait to see what she comes up with as it will the focal point of the room. I'm hoping it comes out to be something like these sans the hearts:

And I've been holding onto this little ditty for quite awhile! Can't believe it's going to be displayed soon. I think I've had it for over a year.

Oh, and look what else I found on Etsy today!!! It would look perfect with the Black Apple prints and gnome mirror, but I think I need to cool it until everything is in place and I can see where there are holes:

But! A little progress towards the name. Ryan's "considering" a name I like. We had decided Vivian, but we are both a tad sick of it now. I really like Violet, but he said no way. His top choices: Fallon, Tate, Tatum. VETOES! It's hard because our last name is pronounced "Muh-LA-lee", so it doesn't sound great with names ending in an "ee" sound or starting with an L or M or with too many L's or M's in them. I really like Mia and Leila, but he has vetoed, and I think it's for the best anyway because of the aforementioned challenges. Hey, any suggestions, throw them my way!


glitter workshop said...

well, as you know i am partial to violet. my grandmother was, and my niece is, a fiercely independent, creative, wonderful lady! do what i do in these situations and remind him who usually has the pen in their hand when filling in the birth certificate.

where did you get the toadstool???
xo naomi

Sarah and Jack said...

Violet is nice. Classic. I like other classics for girls: Ruth, Lillian (although it is wildly popular right now), Katherine aka Kate, Emily.

So is Q still in a crib? Jack is in a toddler bed but I am looking towards the twin bed. I just dont think he is ready. LOL

cyndyava said...

Hello and Happy Holidays! I like: Madeline, Cora, Alice, and Eva. Just thought I'd put my two cents in! I love choosing baby names!

twinkle said...

I'm visiting during the holidays through "Sweet Cottage Dreams" blog. Congratulations on a new baby coming! I know how hard it is to come us with a name you both like. The ones you've picked are very pretty. Too bad you have to please dh when he doesn't have to birth this baby!
Here are a few ideas:

Emma Clarice
Marybeth Melody
Faith Angel
Tess Scarlette

Oh, those are so pretty, don't you think? But classic,too! I was involved in looking at generations past through Census records and loved the names I found in the early 1800's...Patience, Faith, Charity, Hope. Names are almost like fashion...they go in and out of style. Good luck on choosing just the perfect name for your baby!

Cheshire Kat said...

While I don't plan to have any children for a long time, I've already though about what I want to name them. When my sister was born my mother wanted to name her Ivy Jane, but my father said that people would tease her and call her poison ivy, so she was named Meredith Ivy. My mother still gives him a hard time about the decision, so I decided it would be cool to name my daughter that for her someday. I also like the name Annette (my mother's middle name.)

Mary Helen said...

Too bad Violet got the boot. I love that name. How about Viola? Or is against "Vi" in general? I fully support veto-ing the tater tot names. They've gotta go. I also feel ya on the double "ee" sound. Having grown up Mary McNally I've got to tell you that double letters and double endings are just awful. My bff just had a girl so I've had girl names on the brain. She named hers Natalia, but here were the other ones I liked:

Violet or Viola(coincidentally)

Good luck finding the right one!!