Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go the Whole Wide World Just to Eat Cake

I almost forgot to post a pic of the infamous cake! What a hoot.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bake It Pretty

I am on an unofficial posting hiatus as of late. I still need to get with the program and write up a DUCF wrap-up (sorry), but in the meantime, isn't Amanda's new shop simply adorable??? You can enter a contest for a Bake It Pretty gift certificate too. Above is a beautiful pic from Amanda's blog.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thought I'd share with you the trailer of the movie that was partially filmed at my workplace. Warning: the trailer is pretty PG-13:

I am actually wondering if it will be released in the theater. It kind of smells like a straight-to-DVD, doesn't it? I hope not because I do love all three guys. Just as funny as the trailer itself was a comment left by exreader over at videogum.com. S/he writes:

A long, long time ago I was a script reader and had the misfortune to cover this one. It was awful in a strangely compelling sort of way. It was clearly written by someone who had never actually worked in any sort of office and who's only experience with offices was watching 9 to 5 reruns on TBS. If your sensibilities are shocked by a woman becoming an executive (“whaaaa?!”) or a man having to get coffee, this will be the movie for you. At one point the men team up with the other female secretaries to pull pranks against their chauvinist bosses after they threaten to get rid of the women's restrooms. Because that is what people would do. Not file a lawsuit, not report them to the labor board. No, sh*t on their cars. That works just fine. I'm almost giving this movie too much credit, implying that it is so out of date that they might be parodying the office movies of old, maybe a satirical Mad Men. I assure you, there is only one level to this movie, and it is guys shitting on cars. But who knows, maybe David Cross can add something that script lacked. Like he did with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Heh. I still want to see it because I think things like "saggy funbags" and Michael Vartan screaming like a woman are funny. Be on the lookout for Drew Barrymore's new one called Whip It about roller derby girls!!!!! It was filmed in Ann Arbor.

Ooh, and I wanna see Let the Right One In-- to go along with my vampire fascination, of course. It's gotten great reviews! And it's Swedish, so you can't go wrong (?)! Alas, it is not playing near us.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Raqua REALLY Rawks!

EEEEEEKKKK! I received my package today from Miss Holly. Oh. My. Gawd. Take a gander (sorry for the blurry pics and the horrible lighting).

My Twilight handmade cards:

Q loved her way cute smock!

and also liked playing her "drum", a super cute tin of raspberry green tea:

A bib for Viv:

A handmade card (how adorable is this?):

And many more pics on my Flickr page!

I know I promised a DUCF sneak peek-- I'm a little bummed at how cluttered it all looks. I'm kind of getting tired of my table layout. I need to get a little innovative but don't know how. Ryan walked in and said, "Yeesh!" I think the glitter caught him off guard.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Had to Post This...

I'm stealing this from Cristin. I feel very compelled to re-post. Especially after learning that my church, the Catholic Church, spent $5.5 million dollars as proponents of Proposition 8. That's money I contribute on a weekly basis going towards something I am opposed to with every fiber of my being. If you are going to take the time to watch this all the way through and actually LISTEN to what he's saying, feel free to comment. Otherwise, move on. Yeah, it's like that.

Tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled programming with a DUCF sneak peek.

So This is Three??????

UGH! We had a pretty nice (but exhausting) evening. Q chose to go to McDonald's-- gross. And then the junk food continued, but goodness if it didn't look pretty...

The cupcake got a little warm and goopy in my car. I realized half way home that my seat warmers were on. I really love Kroger frosting. The Wreckless Eric cake will be eaten Sunday when family comes over.

Anywho, Q got a rad Yo Gabba Gabba microphone, lots of books, and an mp3 boom box with big ol' kid size buttons. After which, she was a total sh*t. No thank yous (she's always great about saying thank you, but apparently not to her parents), whined about everything, and was basically getting belligerent towards bedtime.

My friend told me once that they're the "Terrible 2's" but there's no term for the 3's because they're THAT bad. Sigh. Well, Q obviously got the memo on that one in advance.

On a craftier note, I made little gifties for Q's daycare buddies for her party today-- these personalized animal rummy totes with matching bookplates, some rainbow goldfish, pencils, and Skittles. I had fun with it. I hope everyone liked them! The tag read, "I turn 3 today! Thanks for being my friend. Love, Quinn."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Years Old!

I got a little misty when I tucked in and said goodbye to 2-year-old Q last night. Can't wait to meet free-year-old Q this morning.

Quinnie, wishing you some of your favorite things on your special day: bubbles, Wreckless Eric, lollipops, dancing around in your new tutu, drawing "x marks the spot" on your back, puppies, and Shirley Temples. You'll always be my baby girl! We love you and are so proud of you. xoxoxoxo

Friday, November 7, 2008

Raqua Rawks!

I'm no longer a swap virgin! Heh. Of course, instead of doing stuff I SHOULD have been doing, I signed up for my first swap, the Aqua and Red Swap hosted by Sara and Serena. It was sooooo much fun! I had a few things already and added to. Holly received her package and I'm so glad she liked everything (yay), so I will post pics of what I sent her.

First off, some candy and a mushroom key fob made by yours truly with a little antique skeleton key attached:

Some vintage strawberry coasters and some bookplates for Holly's son, Andrew, wrapped up in some Martha bakery twine:

My favorite thing, a reversible vintage apron, and some Girl Land recipe cards designed by Lisa:

Vintage push button salt & pepper shakers and a Martha kitchen timer:

And................for my fellow Twi-Hard, some custom bookplates created with a free template Creature Comforts posted awhile back. I think I may make some for myself although I don't know if I want to defile the books (I'm a purist). :) I suggested affixing them with some double sided temporary poster tape. Or maybe even rubber cement? Dig the blood spatter. I think that was my fave part.

Well, I hope she likes everything. This has definitely been fun. I can't wait to do more swaps!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Share the Love Part II

Girl Land has been a hobby-based business from the start. In fact, after having our taxes done last year, I confirmed what I already knew—I lose money doing this. That doesn’t mean anything to me. In my mind, this is my hobby. Selling something or making someone happy in the process (besides myself) is just a bonus!

Girl Land is all about happy nostalgia. Do you ever hear a song or see a toy or memento from your childhood and a flood of sentiment suddenly washes over you? How happy it makes me when someone tells me that this happened while browsing through my Etsy shop or blog.

You may remember my little contests for my 300th post. Well, Julie emailed today to thank me for the things I sent her with her Girl Land bucks. I tucked a tiny package with some penny candy and a vintage animal rummy playing card in with her items, and she told me this story:

And in the little packet, my goodness ... that bubble gum is made in Concord, ON which is a northern suburb of Toronto and very close to where I lived in Thornhill. I had to pass the factory on my way to work in Concord and the smell of that bubble gum filling the air would take me right back to being a kid again.

Then I saw the tiny card with the lamb on it. I gasped, I had that set of cards when I was a child! Our family had a cabin on an island and so mum had to think of things for me to do so I wouldn't get bored, no electricity and no neighbours, so we would play cards and board games. My dad passed away last December, on my 41st bday, and we decided to sell the cabin this summer, but couldn't bring ourselves to actually go there to clean it out. Even though we love the place, no one had been there in 4 years, because of illness and old age. We sold the cabin, "as is, where is", with all our things still in it .. and that deck of cards is probably there somewhere, along with other toys and games, our clothes, shoes and a couple of bottles of dad's booze! LOL

THAT. That right there is why I love doing this. Thank you soooo much (not to just Julie, but to everyone).

Hmmmm...come to think of it, maybe this movie had a bit to do with my obsession with happy nostalgia...

Share the Love Part I

I feel so at peace today. Like a weight lifted from my shoulders. I cried and smiled until my face hurt last night. Then today I read posts from Alli and Elizabeth and countless others, and I knew I wasn’t alone. I’m so proud.

Today, it’s all about the love. I want everyone to be happy. I know that’s not possible, but I wish EVERYONE could feel what I’m feeling now. It upsets me to know that people are unhappy with the outcome. I think maybe some of my friends at work expected me to come in and rub it in their faces, but I didn’t. I didn’t even bring it up. It’s just not in me today because I’m so at peace.

So on to the next big thing. Come see me here in just over 2 weeks!!!

And, my dear bloggy friends, bring this coupon with you to my table at DUCF for a small gifty gift (Come early! I’m making limited quantities). Consider it a token for being such loyal visitors to this little corner of my world. xo

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here I Am...

…Barack you like a hurricane! Vote, people!!!!

Isn't this poster adorable? It's from AIGA.

I just want this whole thing to be over. My ex-boyfriend (he is Facebook stalking ME, not vice versa) has been messaging me trying to stir the political pot—come to find out he isn’t even registered to vote. I served him a heaping helping of fut the shuck up.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Making of a Sugar Coma

The Big Bad Wolf (who looked more like a mouse):

Little Red Riding Hood & her Monkey Buddy (Amy's daughter):

More BBW:

Hope yours was fun! xo

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Minty + Chocolatey

Anyone remember that Bubblicious Chocolate Mint gum? Ryan and I were talking about it today. I don't think they make it anymore, and I couldn't even find a picture. I did, however, just buy some mojito flavored Orbit gum. Yummay!

I have been living in squalor lately, and finally feel a little better because I cleaned up my craft room a bit. It is still messy, just not tornado-hit-it messy. I found this shadow box I'd bought about a year ago, and threw some vintage fabric scraps and deer in there. Voila! I like this.

A little in the way of chocolate mint colors. Here are some more Etsy finds in the same vein:

Amandamonkey's Chocolate Bunnies cards:

Hope everyone is getting over their candy hangover. I was pretty good-- I only ate 2 pieces of candy and somehow had the willpower to pass on Amy's cupcakes! I finished up my swap. Holly, let me know when you get it, so then I'll post pics. My first swap and SO FUN! :)

Twerd Alert: I bought my movie tickets last night for opening day. I talked three of my friends into taking 1/2 day off on the 21st. I'm recruiting legions of Twerds to form a Twerd Army. Got a call from my friend, Shelly, today that she is hooked. Yay! Also trying to bribe my husband to read it. That one's a long shot, but I'm all for a challenge!