Monday, October 13, 2008

Growing a Deer Family

So I've picked up some of these guys lately. Some are for sale in my shop!

Nothing like this collection of lovelies that belong to Something's Hiding in Here. UGH! I just love their loft. It kills me.

You can see some of the other treasures I've picked up lately on my Flickr page. I'll be listing them throughout the week. Wanna be updated when Girl Land lists a new item? Subscribe to my shop feed!

Happy Columbus Day. I had the day off (government holiday), so I tried to make some headway with making stuff for DUCF. Instead of keeping my nose to the grindstone for DUCF, I've been reading Breaking Dawn, signing up for Apron Thrift Girl's Red and Aqua Swap (my first swap!), and trying to come up with ideas as gifts for Quinn's daycare buddies for her birthday next month.

I can't believe my little girl is almost 3. Today she said, "Mama, look at Mary's ghoulish ghost!" (her daycare provider has a ghost decoration in her front yard). Where did she learn "ghoulish"? Love the things that fly out of her mouth on a daily basis.

She loves looking at birthday cakes with her dad while they grocery shop on Saturday mornings. They have ornately decorated Dora and Diego cakes. I've been non-committal. She doesn't even LIKE Dora or Diego. Well, today she asked me for a "Res-lick Eric" cake (you know, the singer of her favorite song). So it may end up looking something like this (ha!):


Cheshire Kat said...

That would be the best birthday cake ever! You are so lucky to have a toddler who doesn't just follow the Dora/Diego herd!

PamKittyMorning said...

Cool, I snapped up a couple of deer for my daughter's collection! Awesome, Thanks!

s. said...

yay! i love that you posted our button on here...i designed that and am quite proud of it ;) i love your's totally cute!