Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Brand New You

There’s a bit of a new look on ye old blog. Although, I just noticed Midwestern has two s’s and isn’t capitalized—oops. Inspired by Jenna’s and Amy’s new looks, I was up until too late last night messing around with this.

I added a third column, new banner, and some Crackbook gadgets. It’s a tad busy, but much better than before. Ahhhhh. My friend who is Sign Inspector for the city where I work said the banner was not readable. I really liked the woodgrain though. It was difficult to choose a good color for the text. I like the glowy lettering though (more Photoshop playing), but maybe I will have to do some tweaking. What do you think?

“A Brand New You” comes from a great movie, Married to the Mob. Kinda dated and cheesy now, but Michelle Pfeiffer is adorable in it. Rent it sometime! Be on the lookout for a cameo by Chris Isaak as a clown hit man!


**Edit: I changed the font on the banner. Is ok? I'm liking this html stuff. Wheeeeeee!


Jessie said...

I love the woodgrain! And a big Yay for playing with html. Good work, sunshine.

Sarah and Jack said...

The writing on the woodgrain is hard to read. Not unreadable, but definitely hard to read.

Jenna Z said...

Looks AWESOME! I never thought mine would be as cluttered as it is but I just KEEP adding crap to the sidebars! Gah! I tiny bit of HTML knowledge is dangerous! As for the Header text, you may try making the drop shadow on the text darker and more pronounced so that the light text shows up more. And I think the main headline could stand to be a large font. But I love it!