Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh My Cullen!

So there's an actual term for what I am:


1. A twilight nerd
2. A nerd and "some other word combined." (This definition might have come from the 1st one, but the people who haven't read Twilight or New Moon or Eclipse do not understand.)

Person 1: Oh my Cullen, I just got an Edward and Bella t-shirt!!
Person 2: Really?! Gimme gimme gimme!!!
Person 3: You both are such twerds
Person 1 and 2: Grrrr!!!

***Edit: Whoops! I totally inadvertently plagiarized. I meant to include the Urban Dictionary link from which I plucked the definition. I really don't have an Edward & Bella tee. But I may very well wear a tee that says "Twerd". It's just a good word, no?


Kari said...


Oh2122 said...


It so works.

Kate K said...

Did you buy a shirt? Tell the truth... or was it really just an example of what a Twerd would do?

Would a Twerd go to opening day with their digital camera and take pictures of the movie screen?

Would a Twerd hope that a real Vamp that looks and acts like Edward move into town - hoping that he really likes kids?

Just asking. For my friends...

Kate K said...

Oh, I forgot to ask, are you done with the books?

Jenny said...

Wow. I would love to say you are totally crazy and really way too obsessed, but wholly crap I am too! At first I felt ridiculous, I just turned 34, but I finished Twilight last night and I'm heading to the book store on the 1st floor of my building in a few minutes to pick up New Moon. I watched all of the trailers on youtube this morning and I'm irrationally distracted by the thought of when I'll get to start reading again. I also decided that I would certainly be purchasing the soundtrack on the 4th, after voting of course...maybe.

A fellow twerd.

dana said...

OMG - LOL. I bought the book but have yet to find a spare moment to read it. Maybe this weekend.

Side note: are you taking Quinn trick or treating in Downtown RO Sunday? If so, Hullabaloo is doing photography (free) of kids in costumer from 2-4pm. I will be there at 2:15.

mommyholly said...

Oh my gosh, you have me CRACKING up!!!! :) I am a TWERD too!!! :) I am so excited to be partners with you in the red & aqua swap!!! :) xoxox!

Artfulife said...

I still haven't read these books yet, but everyone loves them.

P.S Sorry it took me so long to add your link. We have had a lot of sickies around our house. Take care and hope you are having fun getting ready for Halloween.