Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don’t Hate Me

I got to meet Robert Pattinson while he was shooting Little Ashes. NO! I’m just kidding (it was filmed in Spain anyway). Seriously, I won Grosgrain Fabulous’ Little Red Riding Hood jacket!!!!!!!
I held off entering on a regular basis since Viv won her Popcorn outfit, but I couldn’t resist since Quinn is LRRH for Halloween and I am fixated on LRRH as well. AHHHHHHH, good stuff. Makes up for the fact that I’ve had a not-so-fun day at work. Let’s just say that when da boss ain’t happy, no one is happy (which is the nice way of saying that when your boss has a burr up his arse, he's a total turd).

Another lovely little warm and fuzzy making me happy today is Amy’s post. You may remember the giveaway I had a while ago. Last minute, I threw in some vintage embroidered linen napkins that had been sitting around for eons. Lo and behold, she upcycled them in a lovely way. Look how beautiful!

And she just told me we made it into Craft Magazine's blog too!!!! I'm riding her coattails. :)

Other things making me smile today:

+Cheeky song lyrics by Outkast on the radio that I have always loved: “Lend me some sugar, I AM your neighbor!” (just as cheeky, “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”). Gotta loves the Andre 3000.

+Uber cute girl’s clothing at Target that my almost 3 year old can now fit into (she can wear a girl’s XS which is a 4/5!!!!) She’s so tall!!!)

+Organizing my swap stuff for Holly. Alllllllmost done. Here is another little sneak peek.

+This article about McCain student supporters at Penn State. I don’t know WHY, but the part about the robot made Ryan and me HOWL with laughter. Maybe we were just punchy. Is this funny to anyone else????


Kate K said...

E is LRRH too! Her grandma (Kev's mom) made the cape and a red & white checked apron. :)

And!! I have been wishing E could fit into the super sweet little girl clothes at target. Lots of woodland animals and cute sweaters. All I see for her age is Pop Star wannabe clothes and shirts with Hannah Montana. Yuck!

Artfulife said...

You are so lucky! I have wanted to win one of Kathleen's beautiful creations since I first visited her blog.