Friday, October 10, 2008

So Much to Say & Creepiness

I have lots to say! Bear with me…

I’m irritated at Weight Watchers. Too long of a story to explain. Good news is I’ve lost 1 lb since Monday. Whoot!

Brings me to part I of my Creepiness. I started taking Alli. I won’t go into specifics, but let me just say that the side effects are really disturbing and just downright nasty. And I don’t think I can stick with it. It’s just not worth it. Anyone out there take it before and have any tips for me? Oh, but I am down 7 lbs. overall since I started WW 9 weeks ago. A little slow, but I recognize that I have the mentality I’ve had in the past, and I won’t back down until it’s all off.

Second part of my Creepiness. My parents just returned from a trip to Traverse City. Remember that insane asylum I told you about last year? Well, they walked around the grounds and stuff too. On the way home, they stopped to see my aunt who reminded my mother that they had an Aunt Barbara who was epileptic, and she was sent to that asylum for shock treatments in the 1950s which is, I guess, just what they did for epilepsy back then. Eek, CREEEEEEPY!!!!

I’ll have some cute vintage item pics tomorrow for you. Hubby’s been out of town this week, and I haven’t had time to take pics until after dark. My mom did give me a stash of my stickers last week. Look at these two beauties inside! Totally unscratched.

Another fun thing—top secret at this point. For those of you out-of-staters, Michigan has just started offering all these nifty tax incentives to film companies. Long story short, I may get to watch filming of a movie on Monday near my workplace. Will keep you posted!!!

Last, but not least, I have a new boyfriend:

Yeah, me and 1 million 15-year-old goth girls, right? Robert Pattinson has edged out Ryan Gosling on my top 5 list. Can’t help it—the man’s beautiful. I told you I’m boy crazy.

Have a good weekend, all! xo


Kate K said...

I have heard "that" about Alli. Not fun. But awesome on your 10lbs! Woo hoo!

And, I don't think it's just 15 year old's that your in competition with. I have a few friends that would want that vamp to throw them on their back and race outta town. (Ahem - me included). Can I be so bold to remind you?

Have a good weekend.

Artfulife said...

Oh my heck! You brought back a flood of memories with those scratch and sniff stickers. What a blast. Congrats on loosing the weight. I have lost 6 and I have close to 20 more to go before I hit a healthy BMI. Don't give up. It is so much harder to loose weight and get in shape after you have a couple of kids, but it is worth it.
I found your blog through the Grosgrain blog. You lucky duck for winning her giveaway! I love your site and I would like to add you to my links if thats ok. If not just drop me a line at my email.