Thursday, October 25, 2007 Black

Hi kids! I missed ya. I was at a conference last week, and this week, I am just in a funk. I can’t get out. I’m feeling underwhelmed, uninspired, and just downright icky. But enough about me, how are you doing???

I went to a very informative Urban Planning conference last week. My favorite part was a mobile workshop of an old insane asylum that they are transforming into a mixed use development. The hubby and I have been following this for 5 years. These pictures are some “before” pics from a few years back. Note the scary balconies with chainlink fences over them to keep the patients in! Eek!

Here is an “after” pic as well of a residential building. There are many residential condo units as well as wonderful businesses such as a the Left Foot Charley winery, Pleasanton Bakery, Higher Grounds (dig their website addy " roasting company (the only free trade organic coffee roaster in North America), Stella Trattoria, a spa, salon, art gallery, deli, etc. And get ready because a new boutique hotel will be coming soon! Nifty. OH! And how can I forget-- the Underground Cheesecake Company is also moving there. Yummmmay.

On the crafty front, I’m working on embroidering a personalized trick or treat bag for Q. I will show you when I’m all done. Need to run to Michael’s at lunch to grab some more embroidery floss as well as some green felt to make some strawberry leaves to tie around her wrists and ankles for her Halloween costume. We’re planning on attending a Halloween event Friday night with her little friend, Ramona, and her mom and dad. Hopefully we won't get drenched cuz rain is in the forecast. Bummer!

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Domestic Chicky said...

Didja ever see those shows where they make people record paranormal activity in really scary places, LIKE OLD INSANE ASYLUMS?!?!? Not a place I can imagine going to play ping-pong! LOL