Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloweened Out

Is it over yet? Now don't get me wrong-- you all know how much I love Halloween, but this year, I’m kinda ready for it to be over. I think it’s because we started with the cider mills a bit too early, and we have exhausted all the kid’s Halloween activity options. I was so happy that Q was actually old enough to be at least a *teensy* bit interested in spooky festivities that we went a little overboard. If I see one more Disney princess costume (specifically those filled with mean little girls who stick their noses up at my Strawberry Q), I may puke.

So how were your weekends? Ours was lovely. Friday was dinner with friends and their daughter, Ramona, who is Quinn’s buddy. We went to a chaotic Halloween event at the local YMCA. There really wasn’t too much for them to do besides steal cones from some of the games like little mice and stack them up on the floor. We didn’t stop them because there was no order anywhere else anyway.

Saturday, my parents came over. My mom brought ground bologna. Are you familiar?? I’m sure it will sound appalling to those who are not. It’s ring bologna ground up and mixed with pickle relish and mayonnaise. It’s like ham salad with bologna instead, and it HIT THE SPOT. At night, last minute we decided to run over to a Halloween event in the city where I work. It was drizzling a bit, but it was still pretty nifty. She got a little scared, but she reallllllly likes Nerds, so that helped mitigate her fears.

Yesterday, I finished up her trick or treat bag. The pattern’s based on a Martha Stewart owl clip art craft in the October Living. I just drew on the bag with a temporary ink pen and stitched over. I thought I should maybe fill some more stuff in, but eh. If I have time tonight (between making Halloween cupcakes for work potluck and frosted sugar cookies for daycare), I may stitch Quinn’s name on. Not perfect, but very Girl Land. Whoops! Looking at this pic, I definitely need to iron out my hoop crease a little better.

Oh, I also tried this. One word—ugh.

Last thing—Girl Land merchandise is now available for sale in-state at Red Shoes in Ann Arbor!!! That makes 4 stores which makes me very very happy and proud. Sigh.

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Sarah and Jack said...

The best Jones Halloween soda was a flavor called Caramel Apple, but they haven't made it in years!

I agree though, the candy corn one is blech.