Monday, October 8, 2007

Curiously Familiar

Here's the new One Good Bumblebee email I received today which is on their main website as well:

And here is what Girl Land's website has looked like since April-ish:

I hope this a coincidence because I really would have appreciated a courtesy e-mail. Am I being petty? I put a lot into the thought of my website layout (even though I didn't produce it, I came up with the whole concept). I guess I'm just kinda bummed. Sigh.

**UPDATE: Received a cordial email from Katey today of OGB who swore up and down she hadn't seen my site. I guess I always expect the worse from people, so that's my fault. So chalk it up to coincidence! Changed my "Raging" tag to "whining" instead. You guys are always so supportive though-- thanks for the words of encouragement. XO! Over and out!**


Sondra said...

Yours is much better and you know it!!!! So there... They only WISH they could be like you!!

Richelle said...

I like yours better, and I understand your being peeved. I hate copycats (I have kids - such a juvenile word), but they are all over the net.

Sorry, but if it's any concilation some one out there thinks you are worth copying.

Jenna Z said...

I noticed the most recent issue of The Scientist had the same feel about it too.

I love your site design, especially the light switch!

Richelle said...

It's not your fault that you thought the worst, after all we are bombarded with the worst of people on the news everyday. So don't beat yourself up.

On the plus side, by seand you such a poliet email you've beenreminded that people are not always bad, but some of them still have manners as well. I hope you made a new friend out of it.

team make-out goods said...

You know sometimes I think all us crafters are of like minds, it's freaky how Amy and I come up with the same ideas sometimes (even though we are on the same team).