Saturday, October 13, 2007

Decal Debacle

I received my decals from Ebay today. I knew the price was too good to be true. The woman had made them herself, and the print quality was pretty bad. She was nice though, and she's refunding all my money and said I could just keep them. I was pretty excited to know, however, that you can buy inkjet waterslide decal paper to make your own! I think they would work best on clear glass. I tested one of them out on an orange surface, and it didn't show up too well. Anyway, kinda neat to keep in mind. You can buy the decal paper by the sheet on Ebay, but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere.

I decided to just make my own stick-on decals for the treat pails myself. I think they turned out ok-- I definitely like the owl one better. They are in my shop. I'm so into the Halloweeny mood. I changed my shop banner for the occasion as well. Tee hee!

P.S. Check out my crafty friend, Cyndy's, new Etsy shop called Candy Buttons! Adorable stuff!


Sarah and Jack said...

Heehee,that's my big owl that sits on my glittery moon, except mine isn't winking.

I think you can get that paper at any office supply place. In fact, I am pretty darn sure I have seen it in Walmart.

cyndyava said...

First off, CONGRATS on your pregnancy. That's wonderful! I, myself, hated being pregnant..The exhaustion really got to me as well. But it will pass soon!
I was wondering where you acquired the cute little owl stickers from! I, too...have had no such luck with the waterslide decals. They look good on light pastels, but that's about it...You'll see how I made use of one in my shop, hopefully soon. By the way, you are a real sweetie...Thanks so much for the greatly appreciated shout-out on your blog. xoxo Cyndy