Monday, October 15, 2007

C'mon Kids, Get Your Sugar ON

That's right, kiddies, the Girl Land household is giving out FULL SIZE candy bars this Halloween. I'm obviously pulling out all the stops so I can get more than 10 stinkin' trick-or-treaters on my dead end street. Tell your friends!!! Ryan thinks they'll be mostly gone before Halloween, but I disagree. I can justify eating 10 snack size bars in a row, but to eat a full size candy bar???? To shame! That's my screwed up sense of logic for you.

The first year we had the house, I decorated with corn stalks, pumpkins out the wazoo, mums, pumpkin lights, and blared spooky sound effects out the window. I was unaware that kids just don't come down our street. Walter (my single dude neighbor across the street with the cutest Corgi, Goebel) and I used to sit in our respective enclosed porches and occasionally exchange the sheepish nod. He decks his house out with a fake graveyard and owls in the trees. Now I sit inside with the door cracked open and yell, "HOLD ON!" if they knock one too many times. I got a little lazy with my decorating this year. I'm waiting for my peach and greyish black pumpkins to get stolen (my white ones spouted legs and walked away last year). But I still did do the lights. whooooo. hoooooo.

We had one dude in our neighborhood growing up who did the full-size Snickers. Dr. Boulter. He was (wait for it) a dentist. Good career builder, Dr. B!

Anywho, hit another cider mill this weekend. Sixty degree weather=much better cider mill weather than 90 degree weather. T'was fun except neither Q nor myself drank any cider (unpasteurized). Although I eat/drink everything else I'm not supposed to while PG (deli meat, nutrasweet, caffeine, soft cheese-- all in moderation)-- I know, EVIL MOM. But something about the floaties on the bottom of the cider carton make it seem just so much more, I dunno, bacteria-filled. Another example of my screwed up logic. Hope everyone else's weekends were lovely!

I have only one more work day, then I am off with my friend to an Urban Planning conference upstate where Ryan and Q will join me Friday. The colors should be at their peak. We used to stay at the most BEAUTIFUL B&B B.Q. (Before Quinn) called the Wellington Inn. Seriously, if anyone is traveling to Traverse City, I'd highly recommend it and get the tour. This couple has taken painstaking measures to restore the home back to its original state looking for photographs and clues to show them how each room looked back in the day. And Barb is the best cook! Mmmm!

Ok, kids, off to bed. Ciao for now!


Jenna Z said...

Wow! I can tell you how much we would spend if we gave out regular size candy dollars! We got NO trick-or-treaters, I guess because our street has no street lights but it's in the city and porch lights are really enough, come on people! Free candy! I do lights for every holiday under the sun and Halloween gets a graveyard set up in the yard and pumpkin all around and spiderwebs, don't forget the spiderwebs. But who sees my handiwork on Halloween night when it is at its best? No one. Poo to them, the over-protective parents who don't take their children to stranger's houses anymore.

tammyCA said...

We have a ton of kids come on Halloween - I'm always worried about running out of candy. When we lived in another neighborhood (ahem, higher tax bracket) maybe 2 kids came! We do the whole spooky music & caldron thing - I just made a kid-size scarecrow to sit on the bench. So easy - get little kid jeans & flannel at the thrift store & stuff with plastic grocery bags with just some hay or raffia sticking out of the hands/legs. It does kinda look like a midget amputee.
This year I'm keeping my decorations near the door - had some of my votive pumpkin lights stolen once - the rats!