Monday, October 8, 2007

First Attempt

A friend and work colleague is due with her second boy on Q's bday (Nov 12!). Two of my other friends and I are taking her out to lunch this Friday. They asked me to go in on a gift for her, but I said I was going to maybe make something instead. I'm actually going to give her a hooded towel that my friend, Karen, makes (I use them for Quinn every day!), and then I read Sarah's blog yesterday and though what the hey. Here's the outcome:

Not GREAT, but acceptable for a first venture. I need to snip off some threads I noticed after I took this pic. I'm also going to give her a Wise Owl bib and I'll try to package it up nicely. It was nice to be crafty again yesterday. I have today off work (gotta love that Columbus), so I need to get crackin' on Catherine's order!

No flea market yesterday. I was feeling morning sicky, and I figured that coupled with 88 degree heat and humidity with no shade in sight and an hour's drive made a bad combo. Phooey.


Richelle said...

I love giving and receiving homemade gifts, I think they are way more personal. I just made a baby gift for a friend and she loved it. Though I really didn't put that much money into it, it was something you could not have bought. That to me at least made it special.

Sarah and Jack said...

He's cute!

Those things are always a big hit, I am sure she will love it.

Felicia said...

Its adorable!

nickycunha said...

sooo cute. does the fabric fray at all? or is it an applique?