Monday, September 10, 2007

Red Shoes

Every now and again, the hubby and I take a day off sans Q (she goes to daycare) during the work week to hang out. Today, we took a 45 minute drive to Ann Arbor. The point of the trip was to visit the lovely Red Shoes store to speak with Catherine. I feel a little bad because I bounded in there at 10:10 am feeling really kind of nervous and wound up, and she had been at this fun Sally Jean trunk show at another AA store until late the night before. I think I didn't stop talking, and I may have been hurting her brain. But she is interested in some of my wares, so I will post the info if and when they are all ready and in her shop!

During our lil' meeting, Ryan went to a cool coffee shop called Cafe Felix. Very Parisian! Afterwards, we went into a couple of shops at Kerrytown, bought Q some owl pj's at Keedo, checked out some cool (eek, but not cheap) vintage finds at Found, and ate at wonderful Zingerman's. Ryan had the matzoball soup and whitefish salad sandwich. I had the creamy tomato soup and chicken salad with Nueske applewood smoked bacon (love me some cholesterol!). My beloved foody wannabe hubby also purchased a bottle of Blenheim Extra Spicy Ginger Ale (bleh) to drink with lunch and dropped like $110 in the Zingerman's store on a bottle each of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garum colituro (translation: anchovy oil DOUBLE BLEH).

We then saw 2 Days in Paris directed, written, produced, etc. by the beautiful Julie Delpy. I very much enjoyed the movie. She's one of those women that has unconventional looks (ie she's not plastic looking), but she will ALWAYS be lovely and beautiful in my book-- like Isabella Rossellini. And I also love (1) that she and Adam Goldberg used to date, and she still is close enough with him (not unlike her character, Marion) to put him in her movie and (2) that this is the 7th film in which she's starred with her real-life father (5th with her mother). Oh! And there is also a scene in which Adam Goldberg sends a group of American Bush-tee wearing "DaVinci Codebreakers" on a wild goosechase to find the Louvre. Classic. God, I really hated that book.

For another time though... Bon soir, mes amis!!!


Lish Dorset, crafter said...

Oh my! My office is across the street from Red Shoes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You had a great day.

~elaine~ from SoCal

Erin D. said...

That shop looks awesome!

Ugh, hate that book too, won't even read it.