Monday, September 24, 2007

Lazy Gertie

I'm feeling so lazy! We went to my parent's house over the weekend-- Ryan and I were supposed to go to my 14 year high school reunion (don't ask) which was just tailgating before the homecoming football game, but I chickened out THEN Ryan couldn't go anyway and ended up dropping me and Q off at my parent's house and heading to Beaners to utilize their wi-fi and do some emergency brief-correcting for work. I am sure I would have known everyone there (I only graduated with 130 some kids), but none of my friend friends were going, and maybe if I were feeling hotter and thinner and not so "mom-like" (how shallow), I would have gone. Off topic, Beaners is changing their name to The Big B due to the um, racial connotation. Just a lil' tidbit for you.

Ok, so to the lazy part. I got like 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night I was there. Last night I went to bed at 9:30. This thing in my gut is sapping my energy. I haven't had energy to blog or to craft-- nothin! I have, however, watch a lot of movies and tv shows like The Descent (scary!), Prison Break (suspenseful!), How I Met Your Mother (funny!), and Big Bang Theory (stupid!). Never too lazy to sit in front of the boob tube.

More weekend stuff-- Saturday, we met friends at a pub for 2 buck draft beers and of course I did not partake. The kids ran amok (speaking of this, see below). Saturday night, my mom and I whipped Ry and my Dad's arses in Sequence. That sentence sounded less dorky in my head. Sunday, we went out to a farm and had cider and donuts.

More sleep is in the future (mmmmmmmm). I can't believe it's already here! Our Q-free vacation in the Twin Cities for my friend, Lisa's, wedding. Thanks so much to my new friends in the St. Paul Craft Mafia for telling me what's what. Especially Oona from Run Amok. I love her name, I love her Etsy shop name, and I love her stuff. And she seems so sweet! I'm so excited to shop Crafty Planet, I could almost pee my pants. Ryan has a tight lunch and dinner schedule with reservations in place. We're staying at a pretty hip hotel, so that's nifty too.

So I'm sure there won't be much action this week, but I promise to get on the blog writin'/craft makin' stick as soon as I get back. But for now, Lazy Gertie is going to go watch Tivo'ed Prison Break.

4 comments: said...

I can't believe I forgot about Crafty Planet! Of course!!! I met them at a show I did in Minnesota last year. I'm going there next time I'm in town - thanks for the reminder!!

Sondra said...

Ooh...Sequence - that's my favorite game of all!!

Felicia said...

Crafty Planet looks like a truly groovy place.

Mary Helen said...

Question time!!

OK, seeing as it is approaching the Halloween season, my question will be suitably themed. If you had unlimited time & funds to craft yourself the ultimate costume - what would you be?