Monday, April 28, 2008

My Child is Obsessed with YouTube

I know I said today's earlier post would be the last, but Q has been cracking me up.

She loves this ("Why those carrots sad, Mommy??"), this (Ryan says her love of Justin is completely inappropriate), this, and especially THIS. The Fatboy Slim vid prompts such questions/remarks as, "What that grampa dooo-ing?", "I wanna see that grampa on the table!", and "Grampa, you get down offa that table, Grampa!" She's a good one.

The Impending Arrival

It's me. I promise that after next Sunday, I will try to post more frequently. Vivi is set to come out in 3 days! This last month has really dragged. Wanted to show you this sweet print I picked up on Etsy. My Q and V:

Got it from Sara's shop. She has different colors, kid styles, etc. to choose from. So sweet.

So I'm all disappointed in myself. Remember how I hinted about something a few weeks ago?? Well, I received an email from a woman who is producing a PBS pilot about DIY Crafting from a Recycling POV. She currently produces Knit & Crochet Today on PBS.

She said she liked my Etsy shop and asked if I would consider being on the show doing a step-by-step craft project on air. The show shot last Thursday, and I told her about my being PG but that I would be game. Also mentioned I didn't know how much recycling was involved in my craftin', but that I could come up with one to fit the bill. She said she'd get back to me.

Didn't hear back from her until last Sunday (4 days from the show). Sounded like they were kind of dropping the recycling aspect, and she definitely wanted me to make one of my door knockers or magnet sets. Sigh. It was just too much for me last minute. Trying to train an intern and tie up loose ends at work, AND coming up with a project and buying the supplies in 4 days (all with feeling pretty icky)-- too much. So now I'm bummed, but I did tell her to keep me in mind for future episodes if that's how it turns out. She said she would, so that was cool.

Anywho, that's that. I prob won't post until after Vivian arrives. So keep your fingers crossed for us!!!! Thanks so much for everyone's words of encouragement and emails. You guys are the best. I've still been a faithful blog reader, so thank you all for keeping the creativity alive in my HEAD at least. I'm thinking the juice will start flowing when I'm home for the next 3 months. XOXOXOXOXOXO x infinity!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Few & Far Between

Sorry the posting is so sporadic! I'd like to say I've been busy "nesting" or something, but I'm not. I've been to bed almost every night by 10 (which is a feat seeing as I'm a nightowl by nature). Couldn't even tell you what I've been doing in the meantime. Where does the time go?

It's nice to see spring is finally here! We went to a working farm this morning, and Quinn got to see a bunch of farm animals up close. She liked the lambs and baby piggies best-- "Babe!!!". My least favorite (and this is soooooooooo gross) part was watching a huge swine pooh and, oh, the hog behind it trying to eat it like it was coming out of a softserve machine. I'M SCARRED FOR LIFE. Thought I would share the grossosity. Kinda like, "Hey this smells bad, smell this", right?

Just one pic to post-- we've had this little acorn birdie house which hangs outside my kitchen window for about 2 years. Nobody's ever noticed until this year. A couple little chickadees have nested here. I'm so excited! They're so cute. My mom said we really need to clean it out after they are done. I don't think there's a way to get the top off, so maybe we can just hose it out or something to make it ready for them next year!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. xo

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inside My Brain

I have to admit, I stole this idea from Danielle (I wonder if she really is thinking about the Wild West...).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm Here!

Sorry for the hiatus in posting! I have to say I've been a pretty miserable person lately, and I get tired of hearing myself whining-- so I can't imagine that YOU all want to hear it. Now I have a cold too. Dagnabit. But enough about that...

So I took a few pics of Q's room. I'm so lazy that I haven't really finished it up. I need more stuff for the shelves, but only a handful of her books will fit in the built-ins. I also want to buy her a carrying case for her records. Haven't found anything great yet.

I like this area. Still need to add details. I have a gnome embroidery I want to do on linen, and my dad gave me a skeleton key from my grandma's house that I want to hang up too...

Here's her kitchen. I'm a tad bummed about the clock. It's really hard to see the hands from more than like a foot away. I even painted the hands black (instead of gold). No difference really...

And I don't know what to do with the curtains. Right now, they are just the heavy brown ones we had when it was our bedroom. I bought white swiss dot, but I'll need to get darkening shades for them. Don't quite know what to do.

Just a few more...

That's about it. We rented Sweeney Todd and After the Wedding. We are about 3/4 done with Sweeney Todd (tried to get it in at naptime), and it's good! Ryan and I saw the play about 11 years ago. One of our first official dates!

Happy weekending, all!!! xo

Friday, April 4, 2008

Can’t Sleep

This insomnia thing is getting old. Last night, I was plagued by my precious pregnancy congestion and had horrible dreams. Found this print on Etsy which illustrates my feelings to perfection! Isn't it lovely???

Didn’t help that Q was talking in her sleep all night and that we’d just watched Ghost Hunters before bed. As an aside, when asked this morning who she was talking to, she replied, “A grandpa”. EEK!!!

Also didn’t help that I couldn’t help thinking about something horrible that happened—one of Q’s buddies at daycare was pulled out at the end of last year because of his parent’s financial situation. Then I found out yesterday that his daddy committed suicide the day before Easter. Not like I even knew the man (he was 30) or even knew his name—only enough to say hi, but it kills me to think of that little boy (he’s 3) without a dad and what his future holds. Really terrible. Ok, sorry, don’t slit your wrists, y’all…

On a more uplifting note for me anyway, there is something kinda nifty that’s cropped up even if I don’t end up being involved. The said nifty thing will be occurring when I am only 1 week from delivering V, so it may not work out, but I will give more details as things progress…sorry to be so mysterious. Just don’t want to jinx anything. I’ll give you a clue though (even though it will probably confuse you more than anything seeing as I don't knit OR crochet!):

Hope everyone has a loverly weekend! We have swim lessons and then a fun playdate scheduled with Amy and Miss Ramona tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and thanks for all the comments and emails about Ryan’s car accident. He’s A-ok. At this point, our deductible and 3 weeks of having to pay for a rental is our worst problemo for which I’m grateful. Also, the d-bag neighbor removed his upside down shed. Yippee!!! Life is good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random (Non-Crafty) Tids & Bits

-When Ryan called me this morning to say he’d been in a car accident, I was going to kill him because I thought it was April Fools. It wasn’t! Luckily, he’s ok (back’s a little sore), but his poor car is not. Sounds like it was equal fault, so I’m a tad worried about our insurance going up, but at least it wasn’t more serious. I’m thanking my lucky stars, believe me.

+My dear friend, Amy, is being induced as we speak! Poor girl is a week past her due date. The suspense is killing me. She doesn’t know girl or boy. Either way, I’m going to make her one of these.

-My neighbor’s (BIG) shed is about to blow over into our yard. I want to call Code Enforcement, but he’ll know it’s me. When he moved in, I told him I used to call Code Enforcement on the previous owner all the time (he was an old, mean drunk, and let his grass grow to be 2 feet tall). And I don’t think I should have to ASK him to fix the problem. Fer cryin’ out loud!

+New Kids on the Block are going to be on the Today Show Friday at 7:00 am. Set your Tivos! My mom is convinced it’s going to be embarrassing. We shall see.

+We don’t owe a ton on our taxes (sigh of relief). I was worried because this year Ryan is a shareholder in his company, and we’d paid estimated taxes throughout the year.
Wasn’t sure I’d estimated enough. This is the first year I haven’t done Turbo Tax, and we actually hired an accountant. I love the man. Next, paying off all our credit card debt! Whoo hoo!

+Another man I love? The NPH. Nuff said.

-We saw I Am Legend this past weekend. Was so disappointed! The 1954 book was about vampires, so I thought I’d get my Dracula on. The new interpretation was a really BAD rip off of 28 Days Later (which is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time, so don’t even try to mess with it). Plus, the CGI zombies and animals were soooooo fake- looking. Gads.

+Maroon 5 & Counting Crows are coming to town in August! Battle of the Adams!

?Justin and Madonna have a new song out together called 4 Minutes. Not sure how I feel about it quite yet…

?Trying to decide when I want to be done with work. My c-section is scheduled for Thurs, May 1. Should I work up until the end? Or should I take a few days to relax and hang out with Q??? Help me out, kids!!!

Ok, sorry for the wordy (=boring) post. That’s just me in a nutshell for now. Hope you’re all having a great week! xo