Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random (Non-Crafty) Tids & Bits

-When Ryan called me this morning to say he’d been in a car accident, I was going to kill him because I thought it was April Fools. It wasn’t! Luckily, he’s ok (back’s a little sore), but his poor car is not. Sounds like it was equal fault, so I’m a tad worried about our insurance going up, but at least it wasn’t more serious. I’m thanking my lucky stars, believe me.

+My dear friend, Amy, is being induced as we speak! Poor girl is a week past her due date. The suspense is killing me. She doesn’t know girl or boy. Either way, I’m going to make her one of these.

-My neighbor’s (BIG) shed is about to blow over into our yard. I want to call Code Enforcement, but he’ll know it’s me. When he moved in, I told him I used to call Code Enforcement on the previous owner all the time (he was an old, mean drunk, and let his grass grow to be 2 feet tall). And I don’t think I should have to ASK him to fix the problem. Fer cryin’ out loud!

+New Kids on the Block are going to be on the Today Show Friday at 7:00 am. Set your Tivos! My mom is convinced it’s going to be embarrassing. We shall see.

+We don’t owe a ton on our taxes (sigh of relief). I was worried because this year Ryan is a shareholder in his company, and we’d paid estimated taxes throughout the year.
Wasn’t sure I’d estimated enough. This is the first year I haven’t done Turbo Tax, and we actually hired an accountant. I love the man. Next, paying off all our credit card debt! Whoo hoo!

+Another man I love? The NPH. Nuff said.

-We saw I Am Legend this past weekend. Was so disappointed! The 1954 book was about vampires, so I thought I’d get my Dracula on. The new interpretation was a really BAD rip off of 28 Days Later (which is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time, so don’t even try to mess with it). Plus, the CGI zombies and animals were soooooo fake- looking. Gads.

+Maroon 5 & Counting Crows are coming to town in August! Battle of the Adams!

?Justin and Madonna have a new song out together called 4 Minutes. Not sure how I feel about it quite yet…

?Trying to decide when I want to be done with work. My c-section is scheduled for Thurs, May 1. Should I work up until the end? Or should I take a few days to relax and hang out with Q??? Help me out, kids!!!

Ok, sorry for the wordy (=boring) post. That’s just me in a nutshell for now. Hope you’re all having a great week! xo


Sarah and Jack said...

Take a few days before the new baby craziness starts.

Your package arrived and thank you! It was lovely. Jack adores his little suitcase and we have played with the cards several times already. As for me, I am hiding away the birdies from his prying eyes. LOL :-)

PamKittyMorning said...

Take a few days off and relax. You have years to work. And I'm sure #1 will enjoy the one on one time before the baby.

But that being said, I only have 1 kid and its been TWENTY years..all I can remember about the last couple of weeks was barely making it to work before I had to to pee.

cyndyava said...

Take time for YOU...Oh, you will need it I'm sure...Remember the sleep deprivation factor, Girl!
Isn't it bizarr-O to have the birth of your child penciled-in? It happened to me and I was fool enough to be running errands, swimming and preparing a huge dinner hours before I went in for the delivery. Sheeeeesh...That was three and a half years ago and I'm still exhausted from it all! Relax an do a bit of pampering.

Naomi said...

Take some time off!! I keep toying with the idea of trying to do Renengade Brooklyn and that is EIGHT weeks before my due date!

You deserve a few days while it is just the three of you.

I was induced with Zoe and worked up until the day she was born and still wish I would have had more time with just Darby.

This little guy is outta luck. He's sisters will be home on summer break and working from home now there is no such thing as a day off for me!!


sweetjessie said...

I agree with everyone... take a few days off. Tell Quinn how much you love her and that you'll always love her even with a new baby in the house.

I'm glad to hear Ryan is okay. I would've thought it was an April Fools joke, too.

kari said...

I also agree with the other...take a few days off before the c-section. Spend some one-on-one time with your daughter and also take some time for pampering yourself. Glad everything is okay after the car accident, hope his back feels better soon.

periwinkle vintage said...

Wow, Girl! You've got a lot going on! Take a rest. We'll all still be here, lovin' what you do!

Sondra said...

So sorry to hear about the car accident, but don't worry about insurance, etc. Count your blessings that he is ok!! And RELAX!!