Friday, April 4, 2008

Can’t Sleep

This insomnia thing is getting old. Last night, I was plagued by my precious pregnancy congestion and had horrible dreams. Found this print on Etsy which illustrates my feelings to perfection! Isn't it lovely???

Didn’t help that Q was talking in her sleep all night and that we’d just watched Ghost Hunters before bed. As an aside, when asked this morning who she was talking to, she replied, “A grandpa”. EEK!!!

Also didn’t help that I couldn’t help thinking about something horrible that happened—one of Q’s buddies at daycare was pulled out at the end of last year because of his parent’s financial situation. Then I found out yesterday that his daddy committed suicide the day before Easter. Not like I even knew the man (he was 30) or even knew his name—only enough to say hi, but it kills me to think of that little boy (he’s 3) without a dad and what his future holds. Really terrible. Ok, sorry, don’t slit your wrists, y’all…

On a more uplifting note for me anyway, there is something kinda nifty that’s cropped up even if I don’t end up being involved. The said nifty thing will be occurring when I am only 1 week from delivering V, so it may not work out, but I will give more details as things progress…sorry to be so mysterious. Just don’t want to jinx anything. I’ll give you a clue though (even though it will probably confuse you more than anything seeing as I don't knit OR crochet!):

Hope everyone has a loverly weekend! We have swim lessons and then a fun playdate scheduled with Amy and Miss Ramona tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and thanks for all the comments and emails about Ryan’s car accident. He’s A-ok. At this point, our deductible and 3 weeks of having to pay for a rental is our worst problemo for which I’m grateful. Also, the d-bag neighbor removed his upside down shed. Yippee!!! Life is good.


sweetjessie said...

Knit? Crochet? Oh, do tell more!!!

Sondra said... IS good!!! Can't wait to see what you have in the works!

Jenny said...

I couldn't sleep at the end of my pregnancies either and now I can't sleep well because of the squirrels in the attic..must do something about that. Anyway, you don't know me, but I thought of you when I saw this

Have a great day! Jenny from Cincinnati

Heather said...

ah, insomnia...I remember scrubbing the bath tub at 3am, and falling back to sleep at 5am to the weather station (we didn't have cable and NOTHING was on at that hour). My girlfriend would bake when she was pregnant and not sleeping...

Hang in there!

periwinkle vintage said...

You poor thing! Nights like that are horrible. No more ghosties and ghoulies for you!