Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Into the Forest!

So now that my craftroom is complete, I'm getting the decorating itch again! Our room is to be turned into Q's big girl room with a forest theme! I'm leaning more towards the mushroom/gnome/woodland creature feel, not so much the fairies-- not that I have anything against fairies!!! :) So imagine the wonderful timing when I received an e-mail alert from Little Odd Forest (love!) that these tree stump stool covers were back in stock! I snatched one up immediately.

My wonderfully talented aunt is going to sew a patchwork quilt for Q. I've been collecting a few Japanese fabrics, but I need to get some more muted patterns to work in there. It's hard!!! I'm not a natural at this. So besides the three kiddie prints (kids, animals, and mushrooms in a forest on white and pink backgrounds), I have a small mushroom print on white, and a small pink polka dot on white. Remind me to take pics of my swatches because I'm sure you all will have wonderful ideas for me.

There is also a wonderful closet in her future room which is begging to be turned into a "secret room". My grandma had a tiny kids-only room upstairs in her work room (she was a florist) with Peter Rabbit wallpaper, a toy piano, and table and chairs with china tea set. I have such happy memories of that bitty room! I wish I had some photos of it, but now the house has been long sold.


Felicia said...

Love that cute tree stump!

Richelle said...

Make sure you post some pictures of the completed room, I would love to see it.