Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pushing Daisies

I watched this show last night and was so very pleasantly surprised! Just what I needed-- another show in my repertoire. Like I don't watch enough of the boob tube already.

For those who don't know the (slightly silly) premise, Ned is a pie maker who has the bizarre gift of reviving dead folk with one touch and can send them back to death with a second touch. He is in business with a P.I. and together they solve murders by reviving the victims to ask who killed them. Slightly morbid but somehow very very cute!!! He then revives a childhood crush, a girl named Chuck or Charlotte Charles, and he decides to keep her alive. Their crush is rekindled, but he cannot touch her again or she will die all over again.

Ok, sounds really morbid? It's so not! It's one of the cutest things I've seen in awhile. The best parts about it: the tres Amelie-esque narrator who refers to Ned as "The Pie Maker"; the Tim Burton-like colors, backdrops, and the scenery are beautiful; the name of Ned's bakery is called The Pie Hole (ha); and Chuck's wonderfully weird ex-synchronized swimming aunts (The Darling Mermaid Darlings) played by Ellen Greene and Swoozie Kurtz. How can you go wrong? Anyway, it's on Wednesdays from 8pm-9pm eastern time.

You can watch the opening scene on Youtube! Let me know if anyone else watched it and/or liked it.


Mary Helen said...

hey that looks awesome! I am going to dvr the hell out of that show.

Richelle said...

I watched it and when my husband asked me what it was like I said Tim Buton's Charlie and the chocolate family. I'm so glad to find some one else was thinking the same thing. All through the show I kept thinking "I wish it was Christopher Lee narrating and then it would be like WOW." And no I'm not a dumb blonde valley girl i was just very sleep deprived.

Also thanks for stopping by and for calling me a skinny minny. Truth is I still have quite a bit of my preg weight (baby is 10 months old YIKES), it's just all in my hips butt thighs and tummy. That's what made that pic so great you couldn't see any of it.

Ren faires are great but like all events they do bring out the freaks and weirdos so they have to be taken with a grain of salt and you have to know what ot look for to really enjoy it. I'll post some pics sometime of our fam trips the kids love them.

Cheshire Kat said...

I loved it so much! I will probably talk about it in the blog soon...