Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thought I'd share with you the trailer of the movie that was partially filmed at my workplace. Warning: the trailer is pretty PG-13:

I am actually wondering if it will be released in the theater. It kind of smells like a straight-to-DVD, doesn't it? I hope not because I do love all three guys. Just as funny as the trailer itself was a comment left by exreader over at S/he writes:

A long, long time ago I was a script reader and had the misfortune to cover this one. It was awful in a strangely compelling sort of way. It was clearly written by someone who had never actually worked in any sort of office and who's only experience with offices was watching 9 to 5 reruns on TBS. If your sensibilities are shocked by a woman becoming an executive (“whaaaa?!”) or a man having to get coffee, this will be the movie for you. At one point the men team up with the other female secretaries to pull pranks against their chauvinist bosses after they threaten to get rid of the women's restrooms. Because that is what people would do. Not file a lawsuit, not report them to the labor board. No, sh*t on their cars. That works just fine. I'm almost giving this movie too much credit, implying that it is so out of date that they might be parodying the office movies of old, maybe a satirical Mad Men. I assure you, there is only one level to this movie, and it is guys shitting on cars. But who knows, maybe David Cross can add something that script lacked. Like he did with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Heh. I still want to see it because I think things like "saggy funbags" and Michael Vartan screaming like a woman are funny. Be on the lookout for Drew Barrymore's new one called Whip It about roller derby girls!!!!! It was filmed in Ann Arbor.

Ooh, and I wanna see Let the Right One In-- to go along with my vampire fascination, of course. It's gotten great reviews! And it's Swedish, so you can't go wrong (?)! Alas, it is not playing near us.

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Cristin said...

I'd see that movie too! I love when guys call people 'Sweet Tits'.. it's my favorite!