Friday, November 14, 2008

Raqua REALLY Rawks!

EEEEEEKKKK! I received my package today from Miss Holly. Oh. My. Gawd. Take a gander (sorry for the blurry pics and the horrible lighting).

My Twilight handmade cards:

Q loved her way cute smock!

and also liked playing her "drum", a super cute tin of raspberry green tea:

A bib for Viv:

A handmade card (how adorable is this?):

And many more pics on my Flickr page!

I know I promised a DUCF sneak peek-- I'm a little bummed at how cluttered it all looks. I'm kind of getting tired of my table layout. I need to get a little innovative but don't know how. Ryan walked in and said, "Yeesh!" I think the glitter caught him off guard.


mommyholly said...

Everything looks so cute, I am SOOOO happy you girls loved everything!!!! Quinn looks SO FREAKING CUTE! (I made Andrew try that smock on hahahaha!!) xoxoxox!!

Cristin said...

The Twilight card kills me...
Forever and Forever and Forever... perfection.

Glitter Workshop said...

Your booth set up was adorable! How did the show turn out???

I wish I could have been there instead of at a baby shower with my mother in law!