Thursday, November 13, 2008

So This is Three??????

UGH! We had a pretty nice (but exhausting) evening. Q chose to go to McDonald's-- gross. And then the junk food continued, but goodness if it didn't look pretty...

The cupcake got a little warm and goopy in my car. I realized half way home that my seat warmers were on. I really love Kroger frosting. The Wreckless Eric cake will be eaten Sunday when family comes over.

Anywho, Q got a rad Yo Gabba Gabba microphone, lots of books, and an mp3 boom box with big ol' kid size buttons. After which, she was a total sh*t. No thank yous (she's always great about saying thank you, but apparently not to her parents), whined about everything, and was basically getting belligerent towards bedtime.

My friend told me once that they're the "Terrible 2's" but there's no term for the 3's because they're THAT bad. Sigh. Well, Q obviously got the memo on that one in advance.

On a craftier note, I made little gifties for Q's daycare buddies for her party today-- these personalized animal rummy totes with matching bookplates, some rainbow goldfish, pencils, and Skittles. I had fun with it. I hope everyone liked them! The tag read, "I turn 3 today! Thanks for being my friend. Love, Quinn."


Kate K said...

Yeah, I didn't comment on yesterdays because I read a few comments that said "what a great age". I didn't want to be a party pooper ON her birthday.

Three SUCKS!!! I did not have good experiences with three any of the three times I tried it out with my children.

So, this is the year you start drinking heavily and join a book club for escape.

With that being said, Happy Birthday cute Quinny! xoxo

Sarah and Jack said...

Well, acting like a shit is preferable to smearing shit on the closet doors, no? LOL

(Oh God, three was just so bad. Really.)