Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Et Tu, eBay?

I have to give you all a warning. I have never EVER had a problem with eBay ‘lo these many years I have used it. Well, until this weekend. I had to have this egg nog bowl and mugs. I was going to buy Naomi’s but then I saw the whole set and decided I “needed” it. For what, I have no idea.

So my advice to all you eBay buyers is this. Before bidding, you apparently need to confirm shipping with the seller (even if it is clearly indicated on their listing) because while sellers are “encouraged” to indicate proper shipping charges, current eBay policy does not mandate that their invoice reflects the shipping charges that were quoted on their listing. I ended up paying almost $5.00 more than was quoted on the listing page. So anywho, all, buyer beware.

Edit: I have calmed down *a bit* and after reading my post again, I felt like a total crazy woman. Therefore, this has been edited down a bit to convey my intended "warning to ebay buyers" only. :) Oh, and to show you my cute egg nog set. Sorry for freaking out. Ommmmmmm, ommmmmmmm, ommmmmmm.


Sarah and Jack said...

Sigh. This seems to be a big problem on Ebay right now.

I do feel their pain with the shipping though. When I went to mail the LuRay pitcher to Heidi, the lady says it will be $11.xx for priority. Ok, fine. (mind you Jack is running all over the damn PO.) THEN she gets out the measuring tape, starts measuring and says "Ok, the total is $22.xx." WTF?

I swear the cost of shipping has pretty much put me off internet shopping totally.

PamKittyMorning said...

That is just simply crazy. Is it just the holiday season or what?

But, gaze upon your punch bowl, maybe that will help. I jam a few evergreen branches in mine, then a couple of the cups and maybe some tiny ornaments, I love it.

PamKittyMorning said...

And as for the You Can Suck it portion, loved that. My daughter and I pretty much rock that phrase. Sadly.

~Nancy~ said...

I'm an ebay power seller of vintage cottage treasures too. I use the postal calculator and I eat a few postal over charges. I did today, as a matter of fact. It does not help my bottom line but it happens.
But what that seller did not tell you there is a place to enter box dimensions when posting the auction since the post office DOES charge for size now as well as weight and destination. But the seller has to prepackage the item to know it will take a larger box and many don't. I try to allow for that when I enter my informaation but sometimes a buyer will buy more than one thing and I end up having to use a larger box so the calculator is really just a "best estimate". Not taking sides but I do SEE both sides.
It is a way cute set though and you need to be sure to buy the insurance. I know I cannot be responsible for the gorillas that toss my packages around and many do. Best of luck and sorry it was a less than pleasant exchange.

kari said...

Sorry for your ebay troubles, but, man...that eggnog set is too cute! I don't even like eggnog, but, I think I would've had to snatch that up, too. Great find!

Felicia said...

I love that eggnog set :)

tammyCA said...

Thanks for the heads up on the shipping costs...the costs on eBay are outrageous.
Do your cups say, Tom & Jerry on them? I found two at the thrift store a while back & bought them because my youngest loves T & J cartoons. I have no idea who these T & J is on the cups, 'tho.
I did see an entire set similar with the bowl not long ago but I resisted & didn't buy.

royaloaker said...

All you girls are so kind to indulge me. Tammy, the Tom & Jerry set is also Hazel Atlas, but the one I bought just has like carolers on it. Looks very similar to the T&J one though!

julie (jane's apron) said...

I have not one but two of these sets...just got them out the other day. I don't really use them for punch but the kids drink egg nog in the cups and I always have the bowls filled with something (clementines right now). I also like to put a tea light in the cups...cute christmas decoration. And, not to be nosy, but do you like in Royal Oak? Love that little city!